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10 side jobs that can be done from home

by Steven Brown

More and more people are looking for a part-time job to earn some extra money . There are also options where you don’t have to leave the house. The most rewarding opportunities for a part-time job are briefly described here. 

What makes a good side job for at home?

In order to find the right part-time job for you at home that really satisfies you, it is best to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • how much money do i want to earn?
  • how much time can i spend on this?

Many part-time jobs can be carried out relatively flexibly – but it may be necessary to be able to meet completion dates for certain jobs. When choosing a part-time job, you should therefore always pay attention to how flexible you can be in terms of time. 

In addition, you should also pay attention to your own skills and talents when looking for a part-time job from home. The well-worn statement “everyone can write” is definitely not true, and not everyone who speaks a little Italian can also translate professionally. 

It’s important to be sober and realistic about your own abilities. Otherwise, part-time jobs suddenly become a real challenge, cost a lot more time than is economical and are not worth it in the long run. 

Conversely, you can certainly acquire things in order to be able to do a job that you basically enjoy and that meets your own requirements.

It should also be noted that many part-time jobs require registration as a trader or freelancer. This has bureaucratic and tax consequences. You should always obtain comprehensive information in advance and seek advice if necessary before you start such an activity. 

1. Paid online surveys 

Companies increasingly want to know more precisely what their customers think and what they expect from products. There are market research companies to find out. They ask customers of different ages and genders about their preferences, habits and opinions about products and services. 

Such paid online surveys are now mainly carried out on survey portals. There you can register as a user and receive a small fee for answering surveys for the time you have. 

In many cases, remuneration is calculated in point values. Once you have collected a certain number of points, you can exchange the point value for non-cash prizes or for PayPal credit. Transfers of a corresponding cash amount to one’s own bank account are rarely offered, but also occur with individual market research companies. 

Surveys usually last around 8-10 minutes and can also be answered on a smartphone or tablet. Participation in paid surveys is basically possible for everyone – but individual participants who belong to preferred target groups are invited to surveys more frequently on average.

How Much Can You Earn From Paid Online Surveys?

The achievable income is less than 30 EUR per month for most survey portals. However, it is possible to register with several survey portals at the same time and thus increase earnings. 

2. Product tester at market research company 

As a product tester at a market research company, you test products directly for their properties, their usefulness and possible weaknesses in usability. 

A special feature are so-called focus groups, in which different users are invited to a test location at the same time in order to test and evaluate certain product features together one after the other. Higher fees are paid for this. 

The products for this are provided free of charge by the manufacturer of the product. As a rule, these products are sent to your home. In most cases, written instructions are given on how and to what extent the test is to be carried out. After the test has been completed, a questionnaire must be filled out to evaluate the product or a written evaluation must be submitted.

How much can you earn as a product tester?

Products that are made available for testing can usually be kept. Food can always be eaten, cosmetics can be used up. In the case of electronic devices , keeping and reusing is generally also permitted, but selling or giving away the product is usually not permitted. 

Additional rewards are generally only available for focus groups, in most cases the product itself, which one is allowed to keep after the test, is considered rewards. 

3. Usability testers 

Websites and online shops should offer the best possible user experience. For this reason, many website and online shop operators carry out usability tests to uncover possible weaknesses and to further optimize the website or online shop and improve the user experience. 

Technical knowledge is not necessary for this, it is purely about an evaluation from the user’s point of view. In the course of the test, various tasks have to be solved one after the other on the website or in the online shop. Errors and weak points must be documented very carefully and precisely. 

The work as a usability tester begins with the registration on a corresponding test platform. If jobs are available, you will be informed and then have to take the test as soon as possible. The requirements can vary, in some cases a PC and a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) are required, stable internet access is also a basic requirement in most cases. If necessary, a camera and microphone should also be available so that test evaluations can be carried out directly.

How Much Can a Usability Tester Earn?

The order situation is currently good, as more and more companies want to have their sites and shops tested and optimized. If you work quickly and have some routine in working through the catalog of tasks, you can definitely get hourly wages of EUR 20 and more. 

4. Giving tutoring

More and more students are receiving private tuition, since the learning material is usually progressed very quickly at school due to a lack of time. The tutoring market in Germany is very large. 

The lion’s share of the need for tutoring is covered by large tutoring centers operating nationwide in all cities. Anyone who has completed or is currently studying to become a teacher has the opportunity to work there on an hourly basis. Technical competence (relevant teacher training) is a prerequisite in most cases. Usually you have a job there on a 450-euro basis or work as a freelancer. 

There is also the option of registering on online tutoring platforms. There, those looking for tutoring and tutors are put in touch with each other, with some platforms a fee is due for this. 

Of course, there is also the possibility of offering your service on notices in schools, on other advertising platforms and on a website.

How much can you earn with tutoring?

The usual tutoring prices in Germany for the 1st – 10th grade are usually around 10 – 12 euros per grade, in the 11th – 13th grade they usually charge around 15 euros per hour. For tuition for FH and university, prices of 15 – 20 euros per lesson are common.

It is important to note that tutoring is a freelance activity that requires registration with the tax office as a freelancer. Anyone who not only uses teaching materials in the course of their work, but also wants to sell them freely, must also register a business. 

5. Babysitter 

Childcare is still a big problem for many families in Germany: in many places there are still far too few places available and the opening hours of the daycare centers often do not match the working hours. Babysitters or childminders who can then step in flexibly are often urgently needed. 

Babysitting is no longer just a school or student job to supplement your own pocket money. Many mothers or people who have experience with childcare also offer their services for a fee.

The prerequisite is that you enjoy working with children and that you get along well with them. Occasionally, resilience, strong nerves and organizational skills are also required. Anyone who has children of their own knows that anyway. 

The difference between babysitting and childcare as a childminder is the permission required: You can babysit in the household of the child’s parents for up to three months and up to 15 hours a week without permission from the youth welfare office. According to §43 KJHG, a permit from the youth welfare office is required.

You can also obtain the certification of the youth welfare office without training, but you have to be considered sufficiently suitable, reliable and responsible by the youth welfare office. In addition, a police clearance certificate, a certificate of completion of a first aid course and, if applicable (in some federal states), a certificate of suitability from a family doctor must also be submitted. 

In addition, some special liability and accident insurance must be taken out. The living space in which you want to look after children must be assessed by the youth welfare office and checked and approved using comprehensive, legally defined criteria. The permit is then valid for 5 years, which means that up to 5 children can be cared for at the same time.

How Much Can a Babysitter Earn?

The hourly rates for babysitting are usually between 8 euros per hour and 15 euros per hour. Childminders sometimes charge a little less, but they also have longer and regular childcare times. Babysitting opportunities can be found on relevant childcare portals, but also on general household service platforms, such as HeimHelden. 

6. Virtual Assistance 

Many self-employed and freelancers do not hire a secretary for cost reasons. If time-consuming and organizational tasks are to be outsourced, they use virtual assistants . This can be data maintenance in databases as well as research work, planning trips or making bookings. 

The cooperation between the client and the virtual assistant is always purely online-based; telephone and Skype are used for the necessary communication. For this reason, you can work as a virtual assistant from anywhere, including at home or while traveling. 

The client only pays for the hours that are actually worked and does not need to hire a secretary with a fixed salary, holiday entitlement and absences due to illness, which would often not be fully utilized. Virtual assistants are available whenever they are needed and only then are they paid. 

For the job, you should have basic office knowledge and how to use Microsoft programs and office software; training as a secretary is of course advantageous. Clients can be found either via various online platforms where freelance work is offered, or via agencies that provide virtual assistants.

How Much Can a Virtual Assistant Make?

A business registration is required for the activity, the hourly wages are often relatively high in order to compensate for the mostly low number of hours. How much you get per hour as a self-employed virtual assistant is always a matter of negotiation with the respective client. 

7. Copywriter 

The part- time job as a copywriter is ideal for the home. The need for texts for the Internet has increased significantly in recent years: this is due to the fact that more and more websites and blogs are being put online and text content is also playing an increasingly important role in marketing today.

Since website operators rarely have the time and often not the ability to write high-quality information texts, product descriptions or blog articles themselves, there is a comparatively large potential for professional copywriters today. 

Anyone who has a good and precise way of expression and can write high-quality texts with error-free spelling and grammar and in a professional style has a good chance of earning a solid additional income.

Other essential basic requirements are a good general education and high research skills, since you should often be able to read up on a specific topic within a very short time and grasp the connections as quickly as possible. Being able to type quickly is an indispensable prerequisite for this job.

How Much Can a Copywriter Earn?

In order to achieve reasonably reasonable hourly wages, one must above all be able to write a professional and high-quality text in a very short time. There is usually not much time for reflection, deliberation and research if you want to at least get to the minimum wage level. In addition, you should also master the basics of writing for the Internet, but you can also read about the relevant knowledge yourself if necessary. 

Anyone who is able to write high-quality and error-free texts in a short time and with close attention to stylistic and content-related requirements and who is able to acquire different knowledge quickly and purposefully through research can build up a solid part-time job with hourly wages just above minimum wage . The order situation is usually good, clients can be found either on copywriter exchanges or via copywriter platforms. 

As a copywriter, you are a freelancer and have to register as such and, of course, pay tax on your income. 

8. Translator 

Translator is a profession in its own right. In Germany, however, there is no mandatory training as a prerequisite – in principle, anyone can work as a translator. 

Even in the professional field, translations are only made into one’s native language, so that even non-trained translators are not at a disadvantage compared to professional translators. 

Very good language skills in the source language are an absolute prerequisite. Anyone who grew up bilingual has a great advantage here. 

Clients can be found via translator platforms, and in some cases you can also apply to large translation agencies as a freelancer, but as a newcomer it is usually difficult there. As a rule, agencies prefer to rely on experienced translators. In order to get regular jobs, you have to apply frequently at the beginning. 

For professional and at the same time efficient work, the use of so-called CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) is almost unavoidable. They ensure a consistent translation and ensure that the same terms and style are used throughout the translation. There are free and online-based CAT tools of good quality, with which files from agencies (usually .xliff or special formats) can usually be processed well. 

Accuracy, diligence and a very good command of the German language, including grammar and spelling, are also required. This is absolutely necessary, especially when translating difficult terms and phrases; very high standards are applied here. Anyone who can show evidence of training or good knowledge in a specialist area (e.g. economics, law, technology) usually has an advantage when looking for a job. In order to get orders, it usually takes a little patience.

How much can a translator earn?

The word prices for professional translators are comparatively high (between 7 cents and 9 cents per word), and sometimes very high, depending on the subject and experience. Untrained translators usually ask for slightly lower rates.

9. Data Collection 

Not all data required by companies is available digitally today. In many cases, data has to be entered manually before further digital processing, which is time-consuming. This applies, for example, to completed competition cards, business cards or questionnaires. 

Companies mainly rely on external support for this. Data collectors receive the raw material and enter the data manually into a database. This can also be done from home, all you need is a PC with internet access. 

Very precise and absolutely error-free work as well as a high level of reliability are a mandatory requirement for this job. In addition, you should be able to work as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to get worthwhile hourly rates. You should be flexible in terms of time for this activity, as large amounts of data often have to be dealt with spontaneously in a short time.

How Much Can a Data Collector Earn?

As a data collector you earn around 9 to 11 euros an hour.

10. Micro jobs 

Micro jobs are small jobs that can be done mostly online. This can be a quick internet search, a short translation or editing or writing a text. Even small programming or the compilation and formatting of data are occasionally offered as micro jobs. The processing of such jobs usually takes less than half an hour, often just a few minutes. 

In many companies, such small tasks arise again and again, with which one cannot or does not want to burden one’s own staff. Such tasks are outsourced by companies to micro-job exchanges, where registered micro-jobbers accept and complete them in a timely manner.

There are several micro job exchanges available on the Internet where you can register as a micro jobber. In the course of registration, your own skills will be tested and evaluated. These ratings are also available to clients as information and make a significant difference as to which jobs in which earnings classes you can later accept. 

Stable Internet access and a good command of Office programs and Internet applications are required. In addition, the existing knowledge then decides which special jobs you can also take on.

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