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3D Pumpkin Craft

If you’re excited about fall and pumpkin, you’ll cherish this 3D pumpkin craft skill! It’s such a fun route to mark the beginning of the slide season. This specific pumpkin skill is straightforward for kids to make, and the dead scheme peeks so cheerfully and fun, depending on the slide season’s array. We made our art with three paper pumpkins in a row. There are so numerous ways to customize the craftwork project. You can fill an entire sheet of paper with 3D pumpkins to look like a pumpkin patch. Or fold half a sheet of paper in half to create a card and glue a pumpkin to the front to create a fall-themed greeting card for a friend or family member.3d drawings

How to make a 3D pumpkin DIY

Our printable template makes this craft easy for kids to create and helps make prep time for this fun paper pumpkin craft a snap. Grab the template, some colored paper, and a few other supplies, and get ready for an afternoon of fun creating these adorable 3D pumpkins. Read our step-by-step instructions below to make your 3D paper pumpkins. Be sure to watch our video tutorial in this article before you start.

Stores required to create this 3D paper pumpkin skill:

This information contains companion links to the consequences mentioned. Please read our exposure policy for more details. Pumpkin craft pattern Get the design here in orange card stock (we used 65 lb.)Brown card stock Kraft card stock (or background color of your choice), green pipe cleaners, extra strong glue stick band scissors Instructions for making your 3D pumpkins

1. Download and print the paper pumpkin craft template on orange card stock. You can also use orange construction paper instead. Each page of the template contains two paper pumpkins. One page of the template has a smaller pumpkin shape, and the other has a slightly larger one. You can mix the two and create as many pumpkins as you want. We even printed the designs on different colors of orange paper to add some extra color to our pumpkin crafts. See also: 3D hot air balloon map.

2. Cut the template in the middle along the indicated dotted line. Then fold each half along the dotted line of the sheet of paper shown on the template.

3. Cut out the three folded pumpkin shapes from the template. Use your glue stick to add glue to one of the folded paper pumpkin halves. Then glue another folded pumpkin on top of it. Add glue again and stick the third paper pumpkin half on it. This creates a 3D pumpkin shape for your craft.

4. Cut a small rectangle of brown card stock to make a pumpkin stem. Turn your 3D pumpkin face down and glue the stem to the back seat of the pumpkin.

 5. Cut a green pipe cleaner in half. Wrap one end around your finger several times to create a curly pumpkin vine. Secure the pipe cleaner vine to the back of the pumpkin with a piece of tape. Related: 3D Autumn Tree Paper Craft

6. Cut a sheet of Kraft cardboard in half to stick your pumpkins on. Add a generous quantity of adhesive stick to the rear of each 3D pumpkin and glue it to the lined card stock. For our craft, we used three paper pumpkins. If you create more, you can use a larger piece of card stock to put them all on. You can also attach one to the front of a folded card.

More Pumpkin Kids Crafts

Recycle plastic lids and work on kids’ sewing skills when you create this beautiful pumpkin sewing craft. You can put several together to create a fun fall-themed banner to hang for decoration. My kids love the Five Little Pumpkins book and nursery rhyme. Here’s a fun art project of five little pumpkins with the book kids will lovemaking.

This wonderful paper plate pumpkin craft from our friend at Hello is fun for kids to make and a fabulous way to learn about emotions with preschoolers. Please make one of the 3D pumpkins from this craft and then use it in this cute hedgehog craft for the fall season.

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