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4 essential steps to stand out on LinkedIn

by Steven Brown
4 essential steps to stand out on LinkedIn

We talk about “like, hashtag and follower”. However, on LinkedIn, no frivolities or vacation photos. Like a workplace, we exchange seriously, we network effectively, we share strategies. With 774 million members worldwide, the professional social network is a gold mine to propel your business. Whether you are a freelancerentrepreneur or business owner, this powerful marketing tool cannot be overlooked. But, how to stand out on LinkedIn and not blend in with the crowd? How to get the most out of it? Take note: here is the method to gain visibility on LinkedIn.

1. Create an eye-catching and comprehensive profile to stand out on LinkedIn

Whether you manage a personal profile or a company page, to stand out on LinkedIn, you must above all be found!
For this, your first challenge is to build an original and complete profile that will be your showcase. This is called the “Absolute Expert”.

The photo: essential to be seen

Forget the selfies and prefer a professional shot for its quality. Think that it should inspire confidence in your future prospects. Do you have doubts? Have it tested by strangers or on photo feeler to get an objective opinion.

The banner: first glimpse we have of you

Do you have an artistic streak? Create your banner on Canva, Vista create or Pixar. It’s easy and the algorithm loves personal infographics! You have to catch the eye, work on your color chart and your logo. Insert a few powerful keywords, but above all, adapt it to your target! Finally, renew your visual every 6 months to energize your page.

The title: “click” incentive and SEO marker

It is he who appears on search engines and makes you want to click. So, to emerge on LinkedIn, it will have to be carefully optimized. Choose strong verbs: “help, support, value, etc. “. Then conclude with a call to action: “let’s talk about it, discuss it, contact us…”. You have 120 characters, be persuasive!

The summary: your story in “AIDA” mode

At this stage, the “Attention, Interest, Desire, Action” method proves to be a formidable ally. Briefly describe your situation emotionally. Spice up your speech by alternating successes and failures. Expose the solutions you offer to your target and sprinkle your text with relevant keywords.

Skills, experience and training: strengthen your profile

A complete profile gets 30% more weekly views, according to LinkedIn. What increase your chances of standing out, right? So don’t skip this part. Describe your background and your skills with sincerity. Bet on an area of ​​expertise rather than citing a long list that would discredit you. Insert a few recommendations from your colleagues, superiors or clients to back up your statements. Thus, you will reassure your prospects. Add your website link if you have one.

2. Establish an editorial strategy and become an active member to gain visibility on LinkedIn

Your profile is now complete and optimized according to the rules of the art. The second step, to gain visibility, is to publish regularly with strategy and qualify as an active member. In 2019, the social network accounted for only 40%: it is therefore a real opportunity to stand out.

An effective strategy to produce relevant and targeted content

To define the bases of your editorial strategy:

  • Determine your objectives: generate leads, increase your sales, boost your notoriety, etc.
  • Understand your target from A to Z: their needs, desires, tastes, fears, etc.
  • Observe your competitors: an analysis of their presence will help differentiate you.
  • Establish the themes to be addressed: consistent with the questions and desires of the public.
  • Establish an editorial schedule: according to carefully chosen frequencies and times.
  • Adopt “test & learn”: see feedback from your audience and study what works.

Publications that seduce the algorithm

Your action plan is drawn up, the time has come to sympathize with the algorithm! Once the quality filters have been passed, the speed and the engagement rate (likes, shares, comments) are decisive. As an active member, you must adopt the right methods:

  • Compose short, optimized and well-ventilated posts (think of the many mobile users).
  • Zero tolerance for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Use hashtags (2 or 3 maximum) in agreement with your target market.
  • Completely ban #follow, #like, #comment, so as not to risk spam.
  • Plan a good frequency of publication: once a day.
  • Avoid external links: encourage Internet users to stay on the platform.
  • Invite your audience to think, to debate.

Original and qualitative posts arousing interaction

To stand out on LinkedIn, your leitmotif is called “interaction”. How to generate it for sure? Simply by creating publications that will capture the attention of your target. First visually through the originality and variety of media (computer graphics, videos, articles, carousels, etc.). But above all, by the added value that you will bring:

  • Give advice related to your area of ​​expertise.
  • Start focused debates by asking open-ended questions.
  • Share your feedback and your research.
  • Reveal your business “best practices”.

Note that, according to the studies carried out, 74% of buyers choose the first intermediary to have brought them added value. So, take care of your content, you could quickly benefit from it! What’s more, you will motivate your audience to stay on your posts (we call it “dwell time”) and gain even more visibility.

3. Develop your brand image

Beyond a product or a service, people buy out of emotion and want to be reassured. Your “personal branding” is crucial for the development of your business, even if you are still an illustrious stranger. Moreover, LinkedIn reminds you of this by placing the personal brand in first position in its “Social Selling Index” with the help of social media verification agency. The higher your score, the more you will stand out on the network.


Position yourself as an expert in your field and gain the trust of users

To earn points, we share our expertise, we help, we inform, we inspire:

  • You have practiced speaking tests, communicate your results.
  • You encountered a problem and solved it, explain your methods.
  • Your audience questions, comment and bring your pro tips.
  • Talk about your corporate culture, your partners, your employees.

In order to establish a real climate of trust, be sure to write with humility. Humanize your speech, show your values ​​and let your audience speak. This will build lasting relationships and increase your follower count!

Use LinkedIn tools to work on your “personal branding” and gain visibility

Establishing a name takes time and a lot of energy. The platform’s tools help you build your “personal branding” and stand out effectively.

  • Write on LinkedIn Publishing and publish your articles natively.
  • Use LinkedIn Content Suggestions if you run out of content ideas.
  • Regularly analyze the statistics to measure the impact of your actions.
  • Make a presentation video directly on the platform.
  • Follow your barometer, the Social Selling Index and adapt your interventions to score.
  • Invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads and boost your brand awareness.

4. Maintain and energize your network

Since its creation in 2002, LinkedIn has been helping professionals to develop their network. As you have understood, the more active you are, the more you will stand out, both in the eyes of the algorithm and in those of your prospects.

Develop a quality network

We saw it above: engaging and original posts will increase your audience. But as in “real life”, there is no need to get to know everyone. Your exchanges will lack efficiency if you have too many contacts. Concentrate on a small circle first. And you will watch your network consolidate over time.

Interact, again and again

  • Show yourself by exchanging regularly with energy, speed and relevance (always think about your brand image).
  • Subscribe to targeted groups, engage in discussions and debates to create new relationships. However, be sure to demonstrate conviction and authenticity in your conversations (if not, abstain).
  • Bring your employees “in the dance” to relay your publications and gain promising connections.

Customize contact requests

When you meet someone face to face, you introduce yourself, right? Do the same on LinkedIn. When you contact your prospects, send individual messages outlining your interest. But above all, no solicitation!
Take the time to get to know each other, to make connections. This is the key to dynamic and successful networking.

Yes, competition is fierce on the social network. But if you really want to stand out on LinkedIn, these 4 steps will prove infallible:

  • Create an eye-catching and comprehensive profile.
  • Establish an editorial strategy and become an active member.
  • Develop your brand image.
  • Maintain and energize your network.

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