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4 Ways to Start a Construction Project with AI

by Steven Brown
AI Monitoring for Construction

The first and most critical step in a successful construction project is developing a sound plan. It’s a process that starts long before any design or architectural work occurs. This involves the notion of identifying the project teams, scope, project milestones, and other crucial components that are vital to a good project. 

Contractors feel that investing more time in project planning provides economic construction since it lowers the risk of altering orders while the project is in progress. Any adjustments made after the start of the project might be costly. Thus it makes sense that better project planning provides better money and results.

But in these plans, the “practicality” often takes a back seat. Because most of the time, for safety, they keep only minimal funds to invest. But in reality, this must be the priority. And even if they invest in safety management software, that never makes it to the mark as they are not clear about the actions they must take. Their things go wrong!

Here you can take these simple yet effective four actions before you start your construction project-

  • CCTV cameras with AI Video analytics to stay alert 24/7

Even if you are clear about your project goals, have the legal process, and have the equipment; still, your plan can fail. The main reason behind this can be inefficient and erroneous manual monitoring. A construction site is not a nutshell. Keeping an eye on everyone in this larger space with hundreds of workers involved is not within human capability. But AI can! AI can facilitate remote inspection of construction job sites, thus helping you keep an eye on the real-time happenings on the job sites. 

  • Detects danger zones for critical sites 

Only tracking the progress of a project or monitoring the workers is not enough for efficient construction management. Ensuring the safety of workers in job sites is also crucial at any phase of a construction project. But this is rarely taken into consideration while starting the project. Construction job sites have several danger zones, like pitfalls, fences, etc. Detecting such danger zones and avoiding worker intrusion is essential to avoid job site fatalities; this is where AI can help. Using AI, drones, video analytics, and other advanced technologies, danger zones in construction job sites can be easily detected, and fatalities related to danger zone intrusion can be avoided.  

  • Leverage Machinery productivity monitoring

The success of a project lies on the 3Ms of construction: men, machines and money. Therefore ensuring worker’s productivity in construction is not enough. Leveraging the machinery productivity is equally important. To bring about real productivity in construction it is necessary to ensure that the right machinery/vehicle is used at the right time and for the right work. Manual monitoring is however cumbersome. However, with AI, fleet management in construction and their monitoring has become as easy as it never had been. With AI one can easily keep a track on different aspects of machinery productivity like hours of work, fuel usage, location to name a few. 

  • Training workers the right way

You cannot save your project and bag success with inefficient workers. Time is changing, and if the workers do not match the modern-day job sites, it will cause nothing but harm to your output. AI can however be the helping hand here to train the workers the proper way. AI can capture the workers’ actions and behaviours, which can be saved, analysed and later used for their training to make them more efficient and aware of the risks. 

How can viAct help?

Starting a construction project is not an easy thing to do. Having known well about the stumbles that one has to face in starting a construction project, viAct brings in its AI solution for construction that offers an easy-to-use and efficient construction management system that can help construction companies not only at the onset of the project but throughout the construction journey and even beyond. viAct’s Construction Management Software is a holistic AI Monitoring Solution for the construction industry that offers multifaceted solutions to the problems encountered by the AEC industry. 

By leveraging the power of its Scenario-based Vision Intelligence, viAct has evolved 30+ pre-built AI modules that enable the stakeholders to reduce accidents, optimise cost, and at the same time track environmental non-compliances. viAct’s Construction Safety Management system helps the companies uphold high degrees of safety in their job sites throughout their construction journey. Similarly, its Construction Productivity Software helps them ensure workers’ and machinery productivity to reap the optimum results. Thus, viAct works as efficient construction contractor software that helps the construction stakeholders like General Contractors to keep an eye on different aspects of their job sites from day one through AI-powered project controls.       

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