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5 Niche Ideas for a Dropshipping Business

by stevenbrown
5 Niche Ideas for a Dropshipping Business

The desire to start an online business is not surprising, given how many people aspire to gain financial independence. Of course, some are simply looking to start a side hustle and make some money on the side.

Whether you can dedicate one hour or an entire day to developing your business is not the key takeaway. No, what you need is to persevere and find an idea that you can stick to and develop over time.

It is no secret that dropshipping is often the first method for aspiring entrepreneurs. You do not have to invest too much, thanks to the business model. It is about promoting the website and leaving the rest in the hands of a supplier who delivers the goods. In other words, dropshipping lets you be a middleman.

To start and learn, you will first want to find a potential product idea. It is recommended to go for an evergreen niche. Seasonal goods have their place, but you do not want to create a handicap early on, right?

Having said that, let’s take a look at some niche examples that could be a great way to start your dropshipping business.

Sports Goods

You might think that sports goods are not an evergreen niche, but do not think of sports as just an outdoor activity. No, plenty of people work out during winter or throughout the rainy season (some of them do that outdoors as well).

Adults are going to be your primary targeted demographic, but you should also consider the fact that they might be interested in purchasing something for their kids. For instance, if a child is attending a baseball practice, there might be room for jerseys for children in your store. And even if they do not practice themselves but support a particular team, it is common for fans to buy merchandise of teams they love.

Sports goods are a wide niche, so be careful about your research. Ideally, you want to narrow the goods to a specific sport and then go from there. In time, you can look to scale the business by adding new goods.

Handmade Accessories

The tricky part about handmade accessories is that you are unlikely to find a supplier that can provide enough accessories. Not to mention that finding a supplier that offers such goods is difficult in the first place.

No, the approach for this particular idea is to seek out various artists on social media and other platforms and offer them a partnership proposal. If you can get a couple of artists on board, you should be okay early on. Later down the line, you can look to strike more partnerships depending on how well you are doing.

Smart Home Appliances

Smart home appliances are an interesting niche to consider because the niche has a lot of potential not just now but in the future as well.

If you look at how many people are upgrading their homes with smart thermostats, freezes, lighting systems, and so on, the number is still relatively low. Some people are still on the fence because of potential costs. Others want to know more about the technology before they commit.

The trend, however, suggests that the popularity of smart home appliances will only grow as more and more people discover the comfort of having such tools in their homes. Not to mention that we can expect even more appliances to be developed in the future.

With that in mind, a dropshipping business is a decent idea, and you should give it a try if you feel like it.


Drones are not just a hobby. Sure, it is fun to operate a flying machine remotely, but not everyone uses drones for fun.

Filming and photography is seeing new approaches thanks to drones. Professional sports teams also use drones to film training sessions from above and study them later. And coming back to the entertainment aspect, you can find drone enthusiasts who participate in competitive drone racing.

Besides dropshipping drones themselves, you can also add more to your store and introduce various drone accessories, such as:

  • Propellers
  • Carrying bags
  • SD cards
  • Landing pads
  • Propeller guards

Sure, the odds are that your primary sales will consist of drones, but do not underestimate the value coming from drone accessories.

Beauty Products

If your ecommerce store is going to offer beauty products, why not go for natural beauty products? These days, people care about their looks, but they also want to avoid hazardous chemicals on their skin.

Also, when you are looking to start a beauty product store, do not focus just on women. There is a market for men as well. If you feel like the market for women is too saturated, you can focus on men instead.

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