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5 Tips When Buying a Bed

by naji
5 Tips When Buying a Bed


Buying a bed might seem like an easy task but finding the right bed can be a little more complicated than you might imagine. Author Robert A Heinlein once wrote that “happiness consists in getting enough sleep”, and we couldn’t agree more. A quality night’s sleep has many health and wellness benefits, such as aiding the immune system, reducing stress, enhancing concentration, and keeping your heart happy and healthy. For these reasons, finding a quality bed is essential!

Here are some top tips when you want to buy a cheap bed and guarantee a quality night’s sleep.

1. Explore Your Options 

With so many bed shops abound, it is important to explore your options before embarking on the great bed hunt. Opt for quality suppliers with a good reputation and a diverse selection of beds. Choosing a bed is a hugely personal decision, and a dynamic product range is bound to help you find the best bed for your needs. You need a company that sells an array of styles, from divan bases to orthopaedic models that ensure optimal spinal alignment. You also want to ensure that the chosen company has models that are within your budget. This is why many are now considering options for a Sleep Number Bed Alternative, to get the same benefits but at a more affordable price; a great night’s rest certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. Browsing online before visiting a showroom can give you great insight into the available products, prices, and range.

2. Test It Out 

This is perhaps the most important part of buying a bed and accompanying mattress – what we call the lie-down test. Much like you wouldn’t buy a new vehicle without giving it a spin, you shouldn’t buy a new bed or mattress without lying down. Before going to the bed shop, ensure that you’re wearing comfortable clothing and shoes that you can easily slip off. Take some time and lie down on the bed’s that you like. You’ll want to do this for 10 minutes or more to get a natural feel for the bed’s comfort levels. If you enjoy sleeping on your back, stomach, or side, then try out these sleeping positions too. Ultimately, the bed needs to feel supportive, comfortable, and secure. If you are sharing the bed with someone, they should join in on the lie-down test too.

3. Consider the Room Space 

Before you find your perfect bed, you need to make sure that it will fit into your chosen bedroom. Measure the available space, taking into account door frames and other pieces of furniture. If you want bedside tables or an ottoman in conjunction with your bed, you will also need to ensure there is space for these furniture items. Jot down the measurements on your smartphone or a piece of paper and be sure to take them to the store. You’ll then need to take note of the bed’s measurements to see if it will comfortably fit in the room.

Also take into account design, colour, and style. Most bed shops will also stock an array of headboards or additional bedroom furnishings, and these can create a stylised finish in any room.

4. Choose a Comfy Mattress 

Perhaps you already have the perfect mattress, and you are looking for a bed frame alone. However, many bed buyers are also searching for a great quality cheap mattress, and it is often a good idea to buy a new mattress alongside a new bed. While mattress preference is hugely personal, the Sleep Foundation has advised that particular mattresses are better suited to certain sleeping styles and conditions. As per their suggestions, these mattresses work best for these sleeping positions and ailments:

  • Side sleepers: Medium mattresses are best. Opt for a medium-soft or a medium-firm model, depending on your personal preference. This type of mattress can successfully cushion various impact points and allow for a more comfortable night’s rest.
  • Back or stomach sleepers: A harder mattress will suffice if you predominantly sleep on your back or stomach. A firmer mattress will offer better support since more pressure is placed on the lower back and the lumbar spine with these positions.
  • Those prone to achy backs: Orthopaedic mattressesoffer special, targeted support to joints and the back and are a fantastic solution for those prone to back pains. While a good quality bed shouldn’t take the place of a medical professional, it can certainly ease back pains and aid in supporting the spine.
  • Chat with the Professionals 

One of the best things that you can do when buying a bed is chat with professionals. They will be well equipped to answer specific questions and address any needs. For example, suppose you are prone to aches and pains in your back. In that case, they might suggest an orthopaedic mattress and bed for better spinal alignment or an adjustable bed that can effortlessly adjust when needed. While specialised models might cost more initially, they can ultimately save you a great deal on doctor visits and pain medication. We pride ourselves on our friendly staff with expert bed-related knowledge and intel.  

The Takeaway 

Choosing a new bed and accompanying mattress is a hugely personal decision. While there are many theories around which bed suits which sleeping positions and ailments, the best idea is to test out your bed of choice to ensure that it works for you. A comfortable bed and mattress can go a long way in improving sleep and improving your quality of life. With a good night’s sleep behind you, anything feels possible, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

In the process of choosing a bed, it is important to find a bed that best suits your needs, budget, and style. There are many stores that promote their products online and it pays to research what is available. Doing some research before you choose a bed can yield fantastic results and allow you to find the bed of your dreams. Go into the showroom with the facts and leave with the perfect bed for your budget, style, and needs.

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