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6 Easy Steps To Decorate Your Windows With Interior Window Shutters

by Steven Brown
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Interior window shutters are the first “window decorations,” The shutters are a terrific method to link design and cultural charm to homes. They also aid in blocking the bitter winds of winter and the sweltering humidity of summer. They link to a tiny framework that both fits within and surrounds the exterior of the window structure, making them simple to fit in on any panel.

These are the steps following which you can install the window shutters.

Take A Window Width Measurement- Measure horizontally between the window jambs in three places:

  • Top, middle, and bottom.
  • Measure in three places along with the vertical measurement.
  • Take the smallest of both sets of measurements and forward them to the shutter company for custom window shutters.
  • Use a folding rule with a sliding extension rather than a tape measure to get the most accurate inside measurements.

Organize The Blinds

Place every set of window shutters just on the border, with the latch fulfilling the requirement upward and the knurling rods contacting one another. The placement guarantees that once window shutters are placed, every rod shall approach the space, and it also enables per window shutter in every set to swing to the left, whereas the other swings to the right. Insert the tool in a slot for a latch nut. Continue for each connector opening after drilling a probe into the window blind. Most window shutter joints are designed to swing towards the right side when manufactured. Therefore, you will probably withdraw the screws from half of them and reinstall them inverted so that every correct opening has a matching wing counterpart.

Mount The Suspending Strands

Take the help of a professional to place a damper on the wall in an expansive open manner, with the screws pushed outward so they rest within the jamb. Adjustments need to be made across the entire department in order to ensure that the joints extend far enough away from the frame to allow the flap to pass through the enclosure at any angle that is perpendicular to the exterior. On each side, use a pencil to draw lines for marking purposes. Keep the dangling panel in contact with the lines. Make prototype drills, one at the top and one downwards through the panel and the casing, using a power drill bit in your screwdriver. Continue on the opposite side.

Know Your Casing Details

Convert the point upon the casing to a point on the frame, therefore the swinging strip, utilizing a conjunction square. You can align the window springs using this mark as a guide. Consider the head of the joint, rather than the needle, as a reference point while designating the joint positions.

Put The Shutters

Hook magnetic traps onto the lower section of the blinds or the upper half of the blinds. When the magnets are affixed to the inner edges of the edges before being installed, they function properly.’ A window blind should be opened so that the L-pattern joints are tucked into the pocket formed by the dangling band and window sill. Match the latch frame’s centerline to the tip of everyone. Once more, putting the curtain away, note the pin openings. Create sample cuts at the locations using a 1/8-inch screwdriver. With the help of a flat-head screw, gently fasten the joints to the swinging panel. Check to see that it is uniform throughout before closing the lens. Secure the nuts after making any required adjustments. In confined spaces, a screwdriver is better than a drill.

Fit The Magnet

Attach a magnetic grab plate to the shutter’s metallic frame. As you drop the shutter, ensure the screen’s face is even with it. Note the position of the magnetized catch’s drill openings while resting on the ledge. After removing the grab from the cover, place the shutter’s latch above the ledge lines. Use a screwdriver to attach the latch to the ledge. Proceed to the second catch in the series. When a gate or curtain is closed, the two halves of the hinge should fully and uniformly rest on one another.


Hurry up and install your favorite window shutters in your windows and upgrade the look of your room.

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