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7 Steps To The Perfect Roof Cleaning

by Steven Brown
7 Steps To The Perfect Roof Cleaning

What about your roof? If a monarch’s crown is cleaned periodically, why not your Nevada home’s crown? There is some truth to the idea that Mother Nature does some of the work for you when cleaning your roof. However, wind and rain are also responsible for bringing debris like leaves, algae, and moss spores to your roof, where they germinate and promote development. Failing to clean the roof may cause a variety of issues, including:

The build-up of leaves and twigs in your gutters can ultimately prevent water from flowing correctly, resulting in clogged downspouts. Standing water attracts mosquitoes, and gutter overflow may wreak havoc on your vegetation, spatter mud on your external walls, and allow water to seep into your home’s foundation.

Stained Black Streaks Caused By Algae Colonies Damage The Beauty Of Shingled Roofs

When moss develops, it climbs up a slope of your roof, causing your shingles to curl and peel. A root system is created at the bottom of a roof. And the upward pressure causes the corners to curve up and eventually peel off completely. Because the roof’s wood components are exposed to rain and other forms of moisture, the wood will decay over time.

In other words, if you want to keep your roof looking its best, you will need to get it cleaned regularly. Professional roof cleaners are recommended for homes with more than two stories or steep roof pitches. Otherwise, you may clean your roof if you are up for the job. For the best results, follow these suggestions:

1.  Employ The Services Of A Reputable Roof Cleaning Company Near You

Cleaning your roof may be out of reach for many households due to time constraints. Some homeowners do not have the time or inclination to learn about their roof’s particular kind and how to best take care of it. Finding the proper solution for one’s roof type is especially challenging.

In metal roofing, unlike shingles, which have a protective coating and are less likely to be damaged, metal roofing has none of these disadvantages. While a roof power wash could seem like a one-size-fits-all solution, it is important to remember that each roof-cleaning project is unique. When it comes to completing a roofing project, no one knows better than the professionals in your neighborhood who have experience working with various roofing materials and types.

2.  Clean At The Right Moment

Only twice a year is required to clean the roofs of most homes by the best Roof Cleaners in Melbourne. The start of spring and autumn tail end is the finest season to visit. However, the frequency with which you will need to clean the roof will rely on the type of roofing material and the climate in which you live. With so many tall and lush trees around your home, you may have to clean the roof more regularly than you would if there were none.

It would help if you considered the following factors while determining the best cleaning of your roof:

  • Heat waves do not occur regularly.
  • Being that it’s daylight, you have full visibility of your actions.
  • There is no wind and no rain in the forecast at this time.
  • It is best to apply algae and moss removal solutions to your roof while it’s overcast so that they don’t dry out too rapidly.
  • Your roof is the crowning feature of your house. Therefore, it’s important to get it cleaned regularly.

3.  Clean Your Roof With The Help Of A Professional Pressure Washer

Homeowners are increasingly turning to power washing services for roof care since many roofing companies can choose. To save money, some homeowners are renting pressure washers to clean their roofs on their own time. If you do not have the right expertise, this might aggravate the situation on your roof.

It would help if you were never pressured to wash your roof on your own. When cleaning their roofs, people make these the most typical blunders. Individual tiles and shingles are kept together by a sophisticated organization system on your roof to protect it from the elements. To put it another way, roofing is a time-consuming and expensive endeavour.

You cannot rely on amateur roofers to perform a good job of protecting your property from the elements unless they are very careful and meticulous in their work. Tiles may be damaged if they are washed with a power washer. Use high-pressure water jetting to remove the protective coatings that prevent your roof’s shingles from working properly.

Pressure cleaning your roof becomes much more difficult if you have photovoltaic power that generates power for your house. Hiring solar panel maintenance experts will guarantee that installation and cleaning will go well.

When you try to do a roof power wash on your own, you run the risk of running into the following problems:

Because of the high pressure, the roofing granules and layers separate. Degrading considerably more rapidly than was anticipated during manufacture.

If shingles and roofing components are dislodged, water and other pollutants might seep into your home and ceilings.

Tiles disintegrate, resulting in a buildup of waste and rubbish on your property.

Bacteria and other organisms may thrive in the gaps between roofing materials, leading to increased disease risk.

New houses often employ insulated vinyl slide panels for the outside and top of the building. In many cases, roof-cleaning companies have noticed damage or loosening of the adhesive used to hold vinyl-sliding panels or roofing in place because of homeowners attempting to power clean their roofs.

4.  Start With A Roof Washing Detergent

It is possible to use biodegradable detergents instead of a power washer to clean roofs at a fraction of the cost. These concentrated home and siding cleansers are safely used when trying to remove algae, germs, moss, or other fungal growths off the outside of your home. They are simple to apply and remove and will not harm or shift your roofing materials.

You don’t have to hire a power washer or locate proper roof pressure cleaning equipment and settings if you use a detergent. These sprays have low pressure, so they’re gentle on your roof’s shingles and, when used in conjunction with a second cleaner like such a foamer and shooter, may readily remove any green growth from your roof.

5.  Creating A Homemade Cleaning Agent For The Roof

Although roof power cleaning may seem like a good idea, you should think twice before using this method. Roof cleaners advocate making a homemade solution of hot water, bleach, plus detergent in a garden sprayer and spraying it over the roof. The mixture should not dry too rapidly after application on a colder, gloomy day for cleaning shingles or roofing.

Wait 15-20 minutes before cleaning with your preferred scrubber/brusher or brush broom, and you’ll be done. If you don’t let the roof remain wet until you’re done cleaning, you risk harming or shifting the roofing components. Continue rinsing and re-spraying until the whole area of your rooftop is clean and free of debris.

This is the safest method of cleaning your roof. And it is also one that you can accomplish on your own. Some cleaning and some bleach are all it takes to do the job. But most people don’t understand what a big difference they can make.

6.  This Roof Cleaning Technique Has To Be Followed

You can be more productive by following these guidelines:

Be aware of missing shingles, loose gutter hangers, and other roof issues while putting on the new shingles.

Remove any trash and debris from your roof and gutters. If you don’t possess a leaf blower, hire one to get the job done quickly and easily. While on the ground, use the proper nozzle extensions to clean the roof and gutters.

Hand removal of roof debris is the only option with no leaf blower available. One option is to climb on top of the roof; however, as we previously said, we don’t advise this. Ladders are another option, but you will have to climb and adjust them often.

Remove algae or moss using a moss-killing product like rubbing alcohol. Wet the damaged areas with regular water to remove algae and moss, using a lengthy paintbrush to scrape downward gently. Never use a scrub brush to clean upward since this might loosen or remove tiles or shingles.

When cleaning alone is not enough, you’ll need to use algae and moss removal solutions to remove stubborn places. You can get them at most construction and DIY shops. But be sure to read the use directions to determine whether any precautions need to be taken to preserve outside plants or surfaces.

Third, take steps to avoid future problems. Trim tree limbs to a distance of six feet or more from your roof if you want to reduce the amount of debris that collects there. This will expose the roof to light, which will assist remove moisture and so prevent the formation of algae and moss. In addition, you may put zinc or copper-coated strips of metal along the roof’s crest. Applying zinc or copper on your roof may protect against algae and moss growth.

7.  Just Don’t Go On High Of The Roof

Stepping on your roof is unsafe. If you truly have to go anywhere, you’ll want to utilize a safety harness, particularly if the roof’s pitch is high. In addition, even if the field is level enough for you all to go without needing a leash, you may fall, lose your balance, or slide.

Walking on the roof may also lead you to damage roof tiles or remove the grains off of shingle roofs. Fixing the damages may wind up costing you more than the savings you gained by cleaning your roof yourself.


The roofing is an important aspect of the home, even though we overlook it. With its aid, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home no matter what the outside temperature is doing.

To avoid roof degeneration, frequent roof cleaning and maintenance is essential. When properly cared for, a roof is more durable, attractive, and effective in preventing water intrusion. Keep the roof in the finest possible condition with these suggestions!

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