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8 Mistakes everyone doing while buying used iPhones

by Steven Brown
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There is no deny that iPhones have significantly impacted our lives in many ways with their unique and user-friendly features. Everyone wants a phone that has various features that make everyday tasks easy. However, they are expensive, and breaking the bank on the phone is not easy. Instead of buying a new one, why don’t you go for used iPhone 13 pro max

Nowadays, used phones are in great demand, and they are a good option if you want to enjoy the same features at an affordable price. Regardless, with that, used iPhones may come with some risks. But you don’t need to worry. We have got you covered. If you are wondering what are those risks?

This blog post is for you. It will provide you with some mistakes people usually make, ignore, or are unaware of. So, let’s walk through it.

8 Mistakes everyone doing while buying used iPhones

Here we listed a few mistakes you make while buying used iPhones.

Mistake 1: Going to an unlicensed seller and not checking if the device is stolen

It is essential to know that a stolen iPhone device can be activated as long as the thief has the original IMEI number. One of the reasons why people buy a new device is because they have lost their previous one. However, when they go to an unlicensed seller, they might end up buying a stolen iPhone device.

Some of the ways you can tell if your iPhone was stolen or not are: You see that it has been activated with a different carrier than your own and it is not on warranty; you find out that your IMEI number has been blocked; there are no serial numbers on the back of your phone.

Mistake 2: Not asking for the serial number of the device

The second mistake many of us make is not asking for the device’s serial number. This is because many devices are now sold without a serial number, which means you cannot find out what it is. You might be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, if you lose your phone or it gets stolen and wants to get it back, you will need to provide the serial number to your service provider if they want to help you track down your device.

Mistake 3: Not checking if Apple has already unlocked the phone

Apple is known to be one of the most secure brands in the market. If you are considering buying an iPhone and want to unlock it, you should ensure that Apple has not already unlocked it before you purchase it.

A lot of people are making this mistake because they don’t know how to check if an iPhone is already unlocked or not. It’s a common mistake for people who don’t know how to check if their phone has been unlocked by Apple or not.

Mistake 4: Not asking for a receipt of the purchase

Receipts are a necessity when it comes to proof of purchase. Receipts are also used in many legal cases.

This is one of people’s most common mistakes when buying things online. Many people don’t realize that they need a receipt to prove their purchase until it’s too late and they’re being asked for proof by the seller. This is where you should ask for a receipt before making your final decision on whether or not you want to buy something.

Mistake 5: Buying pre-owned without checking if it’s been jailbroken or rooted beforehand

Buying pre-owned devices is an excellent way to save money, but it can be tricky. Some people may not want to take the risk of jailbreaking or rooting their devices and in these cases, buying a new device or one that has never been jailbroken or rooted from the beginning is best.

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that their phone could be jailbroken or rooted. This is because there is no such thing as a “pre-owned” phone.

Buying pre-owned without checking if it’s been jailbroken or rooted beforehand can lead to problems like getting charged for the wrong plan, inability to use apps, and more.

Mistake 6: Switching phones for a new one without backing up your data

This is a mistake that many people make. While it may seem minor, the consequences can be pretty severe. If you do not back up your data and lose your phone, you will not be able to access all of its content. You will also lose any apps that you have installed on the phone.

If you are concerned about losing your apps, you can also try using a cloud solution. There are apps that allow users to save any app that they want. It is important to remember that these apps do not take up any space on the device, so you will be able to use them whether or not you have an internet connection.

Mistake 7: Don’t check How’s the Battery Health

While you might not know how much battery life is left on your phone, it is essential to note that a battery health check is available on iOS. This will tell you if your iPhone has any issues with its battery. For your iPhone to work properly and last as long as possible, it’s essential to keep an eye on this feature. And make sure it’s not about to start letting you down. You can access the battery health check by going to the Settings app and selecting Battery.

Mistake 8: Don’t check your iPhone for water damage

This is a common mistake that many iPhone users make while buying cheap iPhones for sale. It is a big mistake and can lead to frustration and anxiety.

Liquid Contact Indicators are a standard feature of most iPhones sold after 2006. Usually, only liquids like water or other liquids would cause the LCI to activate. Temperature and humidity variations have little effect on it. You can determine whether the used iPhone has water damage by using an indicator.

Apple advises examining the item with a magnifying glass to look for water damage. Open the SIM tray and hold your device at an angle. The LCI strip is visible because of the incident light. A red strip indicates liquid damage. Avoid iPhones with liquid damage.


Hopefully, this article is helpful for you. Just ensure that while buying used or refurbished phones, you do your research properly so you can avoid scams and save your money.

Make sure you are buying from certified retailers like Phone Daddy, a US-based certified retailer that sells the best used iPhone USA has to offer you a warranty and 30 days return policy. They have a variety of collections of phones, so before it’s too late, grab the opportunity.

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