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A Commercial Locksmith Service Can Help Secure Your Business, Find Out How

by Steven Brown

Most commercial companies need to re-enter or replace locks at once. The average business owner already knows to call a commercial lock shop in this situation, but many owners / operators are unaware of all other security-related services that a commercial lock shop can perform. Hmm. For this reason, the following is a brief description of the general services that commercial lockers can offer.

First, as mentioned earlier, mobile business lockers can reset the lock key and generate a key on the site. Employee turnover, lost keys, changes in ownership or management are some of the most common reasons for this. Usually, some doors have their own keys and you want to simplify things. In this case, it may be time to introduce a master key system. A simple master key system allows owners or administrators access to all offices and areas in the business while limiting others to their own office. Business lockers can provide a level of simplicity and key control by using a master key system.

Key control is an important security concern for many companies. If you don’t know who holds the key to your business, you can’t sleep confidently knowing that everything will stay the next day. Moreover, you have no control over the keys unless you know without a doubt that you cannot make an illegal copy of the keys. The most basic way to prevent unauthorized copying of a key is to stamp the key with “Don’t duplicate”.

Unfortunately, it’s illegal to do so in many states, but hardware stores and others ignore this trivial request and make a copy no matter what it says. A very effective way to get full key control is to require the locker to replace all external lock cylinders with a restricted keyway type.

Restricted keyways are keyways registered in a particular lock shop. This means that no one else in the area can get a key blank. Therefore, it is not possible to copy the key unless it is done by a designated locker.

Restricted keys and keyways are one way commercial lockmaker businesses can provide access control securing your business against theft. For example, you can install an electronic lock. These locks require the user to know the combination or code to access. Some biometric locks require a fingerprint or retinal scan. The key fob system is another option. These require everyone to carry some kind of badge in order to scan for access. All three methods have the advantage of generating an audit trail. The audit trail can show who went when.

Another valuable service that commercial lockers can offer is the repair and installation of emergency exit devices. Most commercial buildings are required by law to have a single means of work when the expected occupancy exceeds a certain level, based on area-class footage. The panic bar allows you to secure an exit by hitting the unit in the event of a fire. For small offices or businesses with doors, such as strip mall units, a single functional lock may be the best solution.

These locks are a combination of deadbolts and lever handles. Push down on the lever handle to unlock both at the same time. These locks are superior to panic bars because they provide deadbolt safety when handling urgent exit requirements. Whether you need to install a panic bar or a single action lock, put a latch guard on a commercial lock shop to allow the door to withstand latch attacks such as sawing doors and bolts. We recommend that you install it.

Locksmiths can install, replace, or install new doors to ensure their business. When functioning properly, the door closes and is completely safe every time you use it. Door closers are an important service provided by lockers, as they are an integral part of building security.

ADA compliance is an important factor for all public buildings, whether private companies or government-run facilities. Laws vary from state to state, but in principle it is best to make the safety mistake of avoiding litigation. Commercial lockers can help inform and guide your business to be ADA compliant.

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