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A Guide to Buying Cake Boxes Online

by Steven Brown
Cake Boxes

The more appealing a cake box is, the more value it adds to your customer’s experience. The next requirement for a cake box is durability and high quality. However, finding a cake box with this combination is not easy. This article showcases a collection of unique cake boxes that are incredibly sturdy. This guide is there with you on this journey to find unique cake boxes in which to place your trust and your beautiful cakes.

A Complete Guide to Buying a Cake Box Online

So here’s a quick checklist of things to look for when buying cake boxes online. If you want to start your own baking business or home bakery, you have hit the jackpot.

Types of Cake Boxes

Cake boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Some cake boxes are suitable for small cakes without frosting, while others are suitable for special occasions such as weddings. Cake boxes for corporate gifting are available in pastel subtle colors, whereas cake boxes for personal gifting are available in floral designs.

With events like baby showers, wedding return favors, and more, some cake boxes require more attention. A typical cake box has a window and plenty of real estate for branding. A cake box’s work is to protect your cakes while they are in transit from the baker to the consumer. Cake boxes come in a variety of styles, including those made of 300 GSM paper, solid board boxes, folding carton cake boxes, and others.

The box is designed to fit the type of cake. A tall cake, a wedding cake, or a tiered cake, for example, all require tiered cake boxes as a home. Tall cake boxes can be opened from both sides, allowing you to remove your cake vertically and horizontally. All cake boxes can be personalized with your logo to represent your brand, especially if you are a new or well-known baker.

Different Sizes and Window Types of Cake Boxes

Here are a few types of cake boxes you can consider buying:

  • 7-inches X 7-inches X 4-inches Cake Boxes: Ideal for holding a half cake (500 grams). The base measures 7-inches in diameter and 4-inches in depth, allowing you to fit your small cake into a perfectly spaced box. These boxes are made of food-grade 300 GSM paperboard. These boxes are ideal for storing laddoos, muffins, cake jars, and other items. These boxes are super sturdy, easy to open and deliver, and have a window on top for you to peek inside!
  • 8″x8″x5″ Cake Boxes: These cake boxes hold up to 1 kilogram of half cake and have an 8-inch base and 5-inch depth, allowing you to deliver your cake with ease. These boxes are made of 300 GSM food-grade materials and can also hold cake boards. The square shape simply makes it simpler to store round cakes without having to worry about the cake getting smudged from the side. These boxes are available for purchase and are extremely simple to open, close, and deliver. They are available in a variety of colors and window frames, allowing you to select the one that best compliments your cake.
  • Cake Boxes 9″x9″x6″: Made of 300 GSM food-grade material, these boxes can hold 1 kilogram of half cake. With a 9-inch base and 6-inch depth, you can place a cake without fear of it getting smudged at the corners. These top opening and closing boxes are popular among professional bakers because they are light-weight and easy to transport. These boxes are available in a variety of colors and window patterns, allowing you to match the box to the cake.
  • 12″x12″x4″ Cake Boxes: Ideal for a two-kilogram cake. The depth is 4″ and the base is 12″, allowing you to fit a large cake in a perfectly spaced box. These boxes are made of food-grade 300 GSM paperboard. These boxes are ideal for storing laddoos, muffins, cake jars, and other items. These boxes are super sturdy, easy to open and deliver, and have a window on top for you to peek inside!

Paper Quality

GSM, which stands for Grams per Square Meter, is used to determine the paper quality of cake boxes. It’s nothing more than the weight of the paper. There are various GSM paper boxes available on the market, but the best paper quality for cake boxes is 300GSM, which is the quality that is manufactured for you and your baking business to thrive. Browse a wide selection of quality cake boxes in a variety of colors and designs today! So, if you find this tip, order cakes online for your beloved ones right now.

See-Through Window

What is the purpose of a see-through window in a cake box, you may wonder? Assume you decorated your cake and stored one of them in a cake box with a window and one in a cake box without a window. Keep them both next to each other and decide which one appeals to you the most.

The obvious answer is a cake box with a window! These cake boxes with a see-through window allow you to inspect your cakes while delivering them. A baker will never want your cakes to smudge and go to waste because they are delicate. When kept on display counters, it also serves the purpose of keeping cakes safe.

Cake Boxes with Handles

Cakes are the most perishable goods and must be handled with extreme caution. Cake boxes with handles are extremely useful in the baking industry. A handle on top, especially on tall or tiered cakes, makes deliveries safer and easier. Bakers understand the value and amount of effort that goes into baking.

But customers may not realize it and may not even be aware of the dos and don’ts of transporting a cake to their next destination. Cakes are frequently ordered for special occasions, and customers can become clumsy at times. All of this anxiety and potential mishaps can be avoided by adding extra security to the cake box with a handle!

Cake Box with Handle and Window

Now that you understand how a see-through window and a handle can add value and improve the appearance of your cakes, the combination of these two features is a green light. If you come across a cake box with these two characteristics, place an order without hesitation. And there’s no better place to do it than this article.

You get the best of both worlds at an affordable price with a premium range of quality cake boxes with window and handle. With a hope that this checklist will assist you in purchasing the correct type of cake boxes. Remember that the market offers a wide range of shapes, paper qualities, and sizes. You must choose the one that honors your efforts to satisfy your customers.

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