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A Historical Palace to Visit in Karachi

by Steven Brown
A Historical Palace to Visit in Karachi

It is well known that about 450 years ago an emperor built. A memorial Historical Palace Taj Mahal of love for his queen. Perhaps to Shah Jahan, the building will be the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal only. But today it is known as the greatest symbol of love in the world.

When an emperor used to resort to wealth and mock the love of the poor, where would the other rich have stayed behind.? Regardless of Sahar Ludhianvi’s grievances, Shivratan Mohatta. A Hindu businessman from Karachi also built a magnificent palace in Karachi for his wife

Mumtaz Mahal

Yes, unlike Mumtaz Mahal, Shivratan’s wife was alive but had suffered from a deadly illness. Doctors suggested that sea air could improve her health if they were kept near the beach. What was more, Shivratan decided to build a beautiful palace on the banks of the Arabian Sea that would not be found all over Karachi.

Looking at Mohatta Palace for the first time, it looks like you are really standing in a palace in Rajasthan. Now a door will open, and a king, the maharaja, will walk with his companions in the garden of the palace.

Building Designed

The entire building is designed under the influence of Jaipur architecture which also reflects Mughal architecture. The pink stone used in the construction of the palace was brought from Jodhpur. While the Yellowstone was brought from the Gazar area. The main hallmark of the building is its domes, arches, and minarets that distinguish Mohatta Palace from other buildings in Karachi of this period.

The two-story palace has sixteen spacious rooms. The figures of flowers and birds are carved on the stone on the outer walls. Agha Muhammad Kumail Hussain designed this place, who was well aware of local history. That is why they used engraved images of Makli’s shrines in Mohatta Palace.

Shiv Temple

A Shiv temple was also built inside the palace for worship, which no longer has any sign. There was a beautiful and wide garden around the building with the fountains still working today. The cool sea breeze that healed Shivratan Mohatta’s wife still runs. But has lost its effectiveness due to the polluted atmosphere.

The sea can still be viewed from the roof of Mohatta Palace. But the scene has not been as fascinating as it was about a century ago. Now a concrete forest has grown around which looks ugly. When Pakistan got independence, Karachi became the Capital. Then the government offices were lacking administrative buildings, therefore. It was decided that the government would take over one of the houses for those who have more than one house.

When the search for the houses started, government officials were rushed. Someone caught sight of The Mohatta Palace and thus the palace fell into the hands of the government. Shivratan could not do much and left the country disheartened. For years, the Mohatta Palace was buzzing with the noise of the State Ministry typewriters.

The Capita

A decade and a half passed and then the capital was shifted to Islamabad. On the way, the palace was given to Fatima Jinnah, sister of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In exchange for Jinnah’s Bombay residence. In relation to Fatima Jinnah, this building is called ‘Qasr Fatima’. Which is still the official name of the building in government papers.

From the same building, Fatima Jinnah participated in the presidential election campaign. against the then-military dictator General Ayub Khan and was defeated. After the death of Fatima Jinnah, her sister Shirin Jinnah stayed here till her death in nineteen eighty, after which the building was destroyed due to disputes. For many years, Mohatta palace remained unnoticed. But then the Sindh Government got the idea and the building was purchased and renovated.

The Mohatta Palace has then declared a cultural heritage and converted into a museum where art exhibitions are held all year round. Thus this historic building has now become the center of cultural activities in Karachi. If you want to study more about the other historical tourist destinations to visit in Pakistan then the places in Skardu, Hunza, Lahore, and Multan are worth seeing.

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