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A List of Must Haves to Carry with You

by Steven Brown

When you leave the house, it is best to not leave the house empty handed. Carry a bunch of items with you in your bag to make things easier for you. Therefore, before you leave the house, based on where you are going, consider carrying with you some items as it could likely be very useful to you.

A bag

Before you can think about carrying items around with you, you first need a bag to put the items in. Therefore, shopping for womens leather handbags Australia has to offer is a good idea. When purchasing the bag make sure the bag is big enough for you to carry the items in.

Stuffing many items into a small bag will not be practical as it could be very difficult to find your belongings, it will make the bag heavy for you to carry around on your shoulder and it could also result in the bag tearing easily. Therefore, purchasing a bag that is big enough for you to carry your belongings around is a good idea.

The colour

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Especially if you are buying a bag for everyday use, then purchasing a colour that would go with a lot of your outfits is a good idea. For instance, purchasing a blue or pink bag may not be a good idea as you may not be able to use the bag often. However, purchasing a black, cream or brown bag can result in you being able to use the bag every day as these are neutral colours which would likely go with any and every outfit.


Carrying a water bottle with you is a good idea. Especially if you are out of the house longer than you expected, having a water bottle with you will come in handy in case you do get thirsty. Especially on aa hot day, having a bottle of water is a good idea.


Urgent meetings at work, attending plays at your child’s school straight from work or impromptu meet up with friends may not always give you time to get ready the way you would like. However, carrying makeup in your bag will help you get ready for whatever event you need to attend. Especially if you are someone who likes wearing makeup then carrying makeup around with you is a good idea as it will save you the time and effort of having to drive all the way home to put on makeup.

A pen

You may feel like carrying a pen in your bag is not an important item. However, especially during a pandemic, carrying a pen with you is a good idea as then you would not have to use or touch anyone else’s pen. There could be times where you need a pen urgently and carrying one with you will save you the trouble of having to search your car or it will save you the hassle of asking a stranger if you could borrow a pen.

You also never know when you will need to jot something down, and having a pen with you at all times will ensure that you are able to note down whatever you need.

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