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Aainflight.com movies- Great Service for Customer by American Airlines

by Steven Brown

If you are a regular flyer of American Airlines then, I am sure that there have been situations when you have felt quite bored on the journey as you have no means of entertainment. If that’s the case with you then, do not worry as we are going to tell you about an amazing service provided by American Airlines to all their customers that will make their journey interesting and satisfying. 

What is Aainflight.com?

Aainflight.com or Aainflight is an amazing application that can be used by the flyers of American airlines to watch different movies and TV shows that are available on it. The website and application are completely free and you can use the in-flight Wi-Fi connection to watch as many movies as you want to see. You just need a Smartphone or laptop to use the application and if you do not know how to use the aainflight.com movies app then, read the next part of the guide for the same. 

How to use the application to watch movies?

We are giving you the steps that you need to follow to watch the movies that you want on your flight. Remember to install the aainflight application on the device that you are using before boarding the flight. 

  • Phone or Tablet
  1. Open the application on your mobile phone and then connect your device with the AA-Inflight Wi-Fi connection. 
  2. You need to see whether you are redirected to a browser or not. If not, then go to the browser and type aainflight.com. 
  3. Choose the option of ‘View Free entertainment’ and select any movie that you want to watch. 
  4. You can watch more than one movie if you are on a long flight. 
  • Laptop
  1. Connect your laptop to the flight Wi-Fi signal and then, open any web browser on your device. 
  2. You need to carefully open the website of aainflight or use the link https:// ainflight.com/ to open the website. 
  3. You will see the option to view free entertainment. Choose the same and you will see different movies, TV shows and web series on your screen. 
  4. Select the movie that you want to watch and enjoy it without any issues. 

There can be a need to register on the website and if you see the option then, sign up on the website to see the free entertainment option. This is the simple process that you need to follow when you want to have a good time on your flight. 

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