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All about Ather Rizta Family Scooter

by M Asim

Looking for a scooter that can comfortably seat you for daily rides and weekend adventures? The Ather Rizta could be the perfect two-wheeler for you. With smart features and ample space for four, explore what makes this new electric scooter from the house of Ather Energy an exciting option for families needing a roomy yet agile ride. If carrying your family around town comfortably sounds interesting to you, keep reading to learn about the Ather Rizta family electric scooter.

Design of Ather Rizta

The Rizta has a more functional, boxy look compared to Ather’s sportier 450 series. It’s aimed at a slightly older target customer. The dimensions are quite large, and the floorboard and seat can comfortably fit two adults. A big storage boot also offers 56 litres capacity – 34 litres in the main boot area and 22 litres in a front storage compartment.

The family e scooter has a single-piece grab rail with an added backrest, likely offered as an accessory. The seat cover has a two-tone colour scheme matching the two-tone paintwork. The lighting includes an LED light bar for the headlight and taillight.

Moreover, the hardware consists of conventional front telescopic forks and a rear mono-shock suspension. Braking involves a front disc and rear drum brake, unlike the 450X’s disc brakes on both wheels.

Performance and Range of Ather Rizta

The Ather Rizta is a speedy yet efficient electric scooter for the whole household to ride together. It comes with two battery options – one has a smaller 2.9kWh battery pack, which should provide about 123km of range in typical Indian road conditions. The other option is a larger 3.7kWh battery that maximises the range to around 160km on a single charge.

So, with just the basic battery, the Rizta has a decent range for running daily errands and short trips. But upgrading to the bigger battery will allow you to cover longer distances between charges comfortably.

There are two riding modes: a ‘Smart Eco’ mode, which prioritises efficiency and battery preservation, and a ‘Zip’ mode for quicker acceleration when you need to zip through traffic.

Overall, the performance specs suggest the Ather Rizta provides a nice blend of acceleration and high range to keep a household moving.

Safety and Security Features of Ather Rizta

The Ather Rizta electric scooter has valuable safety and security features to ensure a smooth and safe riding experience.

To begin with, its SkidControl technology provides stable handling on slippery roads, ensuring the rider does not lose control. A live location-sharing feature allows riders to share their real-time location with family members for added safety.

Additionally, the scooter sends tow and theft alerts to the rider if it detects any unauthorised movement when parked. It also has an emergency stop signal that automatically flashes the tail lights when sudden braking is applied to caution other vehicles.

For directly enhancing safety while riding, the Rizta scooter comes equipped with front disc brakes for precise and quick braking and a FallSafe feature that cuts off the motor in case of accidental falls to prevent further injuries.

Finally, there is also a convenient Ping My Scooter function that helps locate the parked vehicle through flashing light alerts on the scooter.

The Bottom Line

The Ather Rizta is an exciting new electric scooter made for families. With space for two adults plus kids, ample storage, smart safety features, and zippy performance, it strikes an excellent balance for comfortable daily rides plus weekend trips together. It is an appealing package for households seeking a roomy yet efficient two-wheeler.

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