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An MBBS In Russia – Best Option For Indian Students

by Steven Brown
MBBS In Russia

Indian students know that management quota, general category quota, and backward class quota matter a lot in India- whenever it comes to pursuing a degree of choice.

Studying MBBS abroad in countries like Russia can give them freedom from all these quotas. It can make them focus only on becoming the best doctor in the world.

For every doctor, there are at least 834 patients all over the world to treat. That is the ratio in India. And this doctor is not just an MBBS doctor; he is an Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic, Siddha, or Unani doctor.

So wherever Indian students find an opportunity to learn MBBS hassle-freely, they should grab that as soon as possible.

Coming back to our topic –

Why is studying MBBS in Russia  the best option for Indian students? Here’s a list of pointers to bear in mind.

Incredibly Low Cost of Living

Usually, a medical student needs to spend on books, clothes, food, and a place. Apart from these amenities, a medical student doesn’t require anything else. So studying MBBS in Russia provides a low cost of living factor. With just 100 to 300 USD which is 8000 to 23,000 INR for a month, an Indian medical student can bear the expenses of living and studying MBBS in Russia.

Extravagant Facilities in Hostel

A hostel system in India means sharing a washroom with other students. Whereas in Russia, you find hostels to be like flats. Hostels in Russia have attached bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens. They are centrally heated and fully furnished. Not just all that, hostels have 3-seater big rooms, reception, laundry, washbasins, reading rooms, shower rooms, security guards, cleaning and washing personnel, upgraded comforts, etc. Boys and girls live separately. 

 Quick Admission Process

You do not have to clear IELTS or SAT to secure a place in Russian universities. Indian students should only have good passing grades in primary and secondary education.

Most Russian colleges do not have the donation or capitation system that most Indian medical colleges have. The admission process gets based on a first-come-first-serve basis. The medium of language is English. Since the first language in India is English, studying MBBS in Russia will not be a problem for Indian students.

MBBS in Russia is Worldly Recognized

Most Indian students want their degree to get recognized by all the organizations in the world. It helps them secure good pay and hospital to practice. MBBS from Russian universities gets widely recognized by UNESCO, WHO, MCI, European Council, and other authorized bodies. Such a high form of recognition gives Indian students the freedom to practice wherever they like.

Choice of Dual Diplomas

Studying two degrees at a time is tedious in India. It requires you to be present at both the teaching facilities. Pursuing dual diplomas in Russia will be hassle-free. They can make that happen through joint programmers with other foreign universities. You can read the Bologna declaration to know more about it Read more

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