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Are candles that smell like candles bad for Dogs?

by Steven Brown
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Scented candles are a way to warmth people and bring fragrant aroma in your home, they will allow you to relax when you are at home or after working for a long time, but wait, pets are also inside our homes. Have you ever questioned if the scent of candles is harmful for your dog? As a pet parent you might be concerned regarding the health of their pets. It’s like additional angelic children that we look after. We all know that dogs have a powerful perception of scent. They have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. And the part of a dog’s brain that is dedicated to analyzing scents is around 40 times bigger than ours.Well, Ronxs candle lighters allow us to better ensure the health of our pets by lighting candles in a safe and non-toxic way. Let’s check if it’s is safe or not.

noses of dogs are different from human

The noses of dogs are different from human noses, which function very differently. When we inhale, humans can smell and breathe using the same airways in our noses. When dogs breathe, a fold of tissue within their nostrils helps to differentiate these two functions. “We discovered that when airflow flows into the nostril, it splits into two flow paths one for olfaction, and one for respiration.

So, let’s talk about scented candles if it’s appropriate or not for our dogs, what are its advantages and which kinds of candles could be beneficial or not.

candle scents that truly appeal

There are many kinds of candle scents that truly appeal to humans as well as our pets. These are standard scents, essential oils, in addition to natural oils. Synthetic fragrance oils are the most popular and are created in a laboratory using aroma compounds. They are made by humans and are available in a huge and diverse selection of scents. Essential oils are completely pure and are made from various plants which include leaves, bark, and roots. They contain no additives in any way and possess distinctive, strong scents. Essential oils are thought to be therapeutic, and when used in scented candles, they are an easy method for people to enjoy aromatherapy in their homes. Natural fragrance oils are created by extracting a single scented component from a plant. These ingredients are called natural isolates or several natural isolates mixed together.

Based on Henpicked In Home and Garden Time Off Candles that smell good are not just for scent. Beyond being an source of light candles have served numerous purposes in the traditional and modern worlds, it can also benefit the health of both humans and pets.

First is the mind calming effects. In the study released in Scientia Pharmaceutical journal in 2016 it was revealed that there is a significant role played by the scent in influencing an individual’s mood, productivity and stress levels. It’s clear that scents that smell pleasant can reduce stress levels and improve our mood.

Number 2 is better sleep. A candle’s flame is an effective way to improve sleep health even as you age in the event that it is lit prior to the time you go to bed. It aids in calming your mind while giving you’re an escape from blue light that can hinder your ability to sleep.

Number 3 is improved mental and physical energy. Aromas have been proven to help lower the body’s cortisol level while increasing the release of happy chemicals within your brain , such as dopamine and serotonin. These are natural supporters of a more positive mood. They also help elevate the energy levels of your body, giving you a productive mindset.

Fourth is better memory. According to an article from the Harvard Gazette publication where experts discussed Science of smell, emotion scent, memory, and emotion are all interconnected. Moreover, people are usually attracted to scents that are reminiscent of pleasant memories.

The number 5 is increased spiritual well-being. Aromatic scents like lavender, jasmine, and peppermint can aid in self-vision workout or even take yoga to the highest level.

Based on research, candles with scents are made up of paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum, coal or shale oil. If it’s burned it releases harmful compounds into the air such as benzene, acetone and toluene. All of them are recognized carcinogens which can aggravate many respiratory ailments such as asthma and heart problems.

Paraffin wax is a colorless white soft, solid wax. It’s produced from saturated hydrocarbons. It’s frequently used in skin softening spa and salon treatments for the cuticles, hands, and feet, since it’s flavorless, colorless and tasteless. If you have delicate skin conditions, the paraffin wax may cause the appearance of a heat eruptions. The rash can cause tiny red bumps on your skin that are itchy and uncomfortable. If you suffer from chemical sensitivities and you experience minor swelling or breakouts as a result of the treatment with wax. It’s because paraffin is made from petroleum products.

Scented candles also have the same chemical compounds as air fresheners. It contains artificial fragrances, volatile organic compounds, and Formaldehyde and post the same safety risks, however there’s still no definitive study that links candles directly to illness.

Speaking of the harmful chemicals in scented candles, which does not agree with this new question. There are pet-safe candles alternatives that you can buy. The alternative is completely organic and is made of 100% soy-based wax making these candles completely safe and safe for all people pets, humans, and even the natural environment. It is available locally on the market to assist you and your furry friend and unwind like you are living the life. There are also a variety of scents of natural candles that you can purchase. These are Coconut wax or vegetable-based and had an unbleached 100% cotton wick that is not bleached.

Coconut wax or vegetable-based

In the following paragraphs, we will know more about the alternative candles that we can use. In case you’re not sure which one to choose.

Soy Wax can be described as a 100 percent natural wax, derived from the vegetable soybeans. Soybean oil is extracted from the flake and the leftover flakes are used to feed animals. It is made from eco sustainable, renewable resources. Another reason to choose soy candles in comparison to candles is that soy wax is a great carrier of fragrance that does not need chemical amplifiers. This results in well balanced and true to scent candles

Coconut Wax can be described as a colorless and odorless wax made from coconut meat that has been cold-pressed or coconut oil mixed with soy wax. It is regarded as one of the most effective and healthiest types of wax used to make candles because it does not produce more soot than other types of wax. It’s also frequently blended with other natural waxes to produce candles that have more acoustic and better burn quality. throw.

Vegetable based wax comes from plant origin and is typically released in thin flakes within the epidermal cells’ walls. It is derived from certain palm trees.

Below is the table that shows the comparison of scented candles that contains Paraffin Wax versus the Organic Wax.

Most often made of palm oil, soy or coconut oilDue to its lower melting point it is frequently blended with stearic acids (animal or palm fat acid) to make it harder.
Wax with excellent, lasting scent and very low levels of soot.Fine scent throw , however it has a higher levels of soot in comparison to other types of wax
Exceptional burning qualities with high melting point.It is easy to make and ideal for candles that smell good, but less sustainable and may be harmful to breathe.
Difficult to process due to complex chemical composition. When properly processed, natural waxes hold a very high qualityPetroleum wax is durable and is easy to use for production.
No animal products , or animal testing


Therefore, to conclude that there isn’t a conclusive study to show that candles with scents can harm dogs. However, to prevent health problems, make sure to use natural products. Also, it is a way to support local businesses in your neighborhood Read more

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