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Best Verizon iPhone Deals in 2022

by Steven Brown

It’s possible that you been left out of Verizon offers at the beginning in the new year. Don’t be concerned If you’re in search of Verizon offers without contracts offers to new subscribers, or the most recent iPhone as well as Android models you’re in the right spot. Learn about Verizon iPhone Deals For Existing Customers 2022.

You can count on significant savings when you exchange your old phone to Verizon. In addition, the primary mobile phone service provider across America United States also offers Mastercard cards that offer 500 dollars in credit for users who change their plans with Verizon for one of their unlimited plans.

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Verizon Deals

Verizon offers fantastic deals, whether you’re in search of the latest Android phone or a brand new iPhone. Check out the deals below that you can avail inside every case.

  • Verizon has a deal with iPhone
  • Verizon is a partner with Android
  • Verizon has a deal with iPhone

You can get the free iPhone 13 128GB model when you exchange your old iPhone model. In addition, you can get $500 on an Prepaid Mastercard to switch your line to Verizon.

The powerful and advanced iPhone 13 Pro 128GB can be yours for free if you exchange your previous eligible device to Verizon and sign up to any of the unlimited plan options offered by Verizon.

Trade in your smartphone to get the compact but powerful iPhone 13 mini from Verizon with the following plans Choose from: Do More Unlimited Buy More Unlimited and Play More Unlimited.

Verizon is a partner with Android

Samsung Galaxy S21: $800 discount when you trade in your old phone and $500 when you switch to Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the most well-known Android phones. Verizon is offering new customers an additional $800 discount when you exchange your previous smartphone. In addition, customers who upgrade into Verizon Unlimited may qualify for an additional $500 prepaid MasterCard.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3: Trade-in for $800 and $500 when you switch to Verizon

After two versions, Samsung seems to be working towards making its foldable phone more comfortable for users and reliable. It’s still a costly device however, Verizon customers can enjoy up to $800 off of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 by selling their old phone. Additionally, you can earn 500 prepaid Mastercard in exchange for switching into the Unlimited Verizon plan.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: Discount of $800 with trade-in plus $500 if you switch to Verizon

Anyone who was an avid user of foldable phones they were the rage up to 10 years ago is sure to be interested in this model. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

With Samsung’s foldable screens, the slim phone is even more compact when closed. You can save up to $800 on Verizon when you exchange an old mobile. Additionally, you can receive the $500 prepay Mastercard after you switch your phone to Verizon and then purchase an unlimited plan.

Verizon Deals Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the most effective Verizon offers?

Similar to all cell phone companies Verizon’s most lucrative deals usually be offered to new customers who are switching their phone number to an other carrier, which means you’re lucky to be a Verizon customer.

It doesn’t mean that Verizon lets its existing customers stay, however. A lot of their deals are available to customers who are already in their service but the savings tend to be slightly smaller than those for new customers.

Does Verizon offer Trade-In deals?

Verizon has a tendency to have one of the most attractive trade-in offers. Other operators might be more strict with the design and appearance of your phone to ensure maximum savings. Verizon generally just requires that your smartphone is in good condition, meaning that it’s powered on, and is free of obvious physical imperfections.

Does Verizon offer BOGO offers?

Verizon frequently offers buy one get one free or discount deals. Additionally, you can get a monthly credit on your bill to the purchase price that the device is. In general, these offers are extended to those who purchase top-of-the-line devices such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series or Notes.

Verizon offers new customers special deals

Verizon does not usually offer deals on its plans, however it often offers special offers for new customers — that is, customers who move to Verizon from other providers.

Recent freebies include Echo Dot, Amazon Smart Plug as well as Disney+.

Verizon typically offers its most attractive phone deals and offers for customers who are looking to sign up for an unlimited or unlimited service.

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