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Best Ways to Canon Printer Reset to Factory Default

by Steven Brown
Canon Printer Reset

Problems with Canon printers are not uncommon, but the methods for troubleshooting could differ based on the issue that you’re experiencing to do with your printer. If your Canon printer is experiencing issues with setup, performance, or troubleshooting-related issues, often, restoring the printer’s default settings is the most effective way to solve the problem is reset the Canon printer.

This article provides a complete guide on- How to reset a Canon printer to factory settings? Please read the entire article and contact us in case you need further assistance regarding the Canon printer.

Reset Canon Printer Settings to Default

A word of caution: A factory reset will erase all configuration and settings back to the default settings. It is possible to configure the printer again and connect to WiFi from the beginning.

  • Visit the printer and make sure that it’s powered on
  • From the Printer Control Panel, Press the Setup button to set up the printer.
  • Utilize the ups and downwards key to move around through and identify device settings. Press OK
  • Navigate through the menu until you come across the Reset setting, then click OK.
  • Make use of the arrow keys to go to reset all and hit OK.
  • Click yes and then click OK.
  • The settings must be restored to default settings. The default settings for HTML2 should be restored.

Then you can begin the setup process by connecting the Canon printer to the wireless network and then downloading the driver.

Some users may find reset software difficult to follow and all you require is another way to complete it. Follow the steps until the final step.

The Hard Reset of Canon Printer without the need for software

  • The printer should be turned on and let start for a few minutes
  • Hit the power button while holding it down for 5-10 seconds to switch off the power.
  • After the printer has turned off, press the stop button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • While holding the stop button, press the power button simultaneously for two seconds, then let you let the stop key for the stop button disappear.
  • Holding the power key, please press the stop button 5 times in succession.
  • Let go of the power button and allow the printer to reset to default settings
  • Start the printer and begin the setup from scratch by visiting canon.com/ijsetup and then downloading the Canon driver.

If this method isn’t working, you can try a different method to reset your Canon printer.

  • The printer should be turned on and allow it to start loading the printer’s settings.
  • Stop the key to hold for 20-25 seconds until you can hear the printer begin to sound alarms for about a minute.
  • This should bring canon settings to their default settings.

It is recommended to remove the printer driver from your PC and then begin the setup process at the beginning. Contact the support team, or leave a comment below to inform us if you require further assistance regarding any Canon printer issues.

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