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How to turn content into Instagram guides

by Steven Brown
Buying Instagram Followers

Does your Instagram profile mean business?

Instagram Guides are a must-have feature to increase brand awareness and grow your company. Buying Instagram Followers

Although it isn’t the most prominent feature, However, they are extremely powerful and useful for: Buying Instagram Followers

Building credibility

Demonstrating expertise
You can also extend the life of your Instagram posts
It’s easy to turn content you already create for Instagram into a Guide by following these five steps.

This episode and blog post share my top tips for creating an Instagram Guide that makes your profile look professional. They are powerful, However, and I will explain how they can be created. Buying Instagram Followers

Or, However, continue reading to learn how to turn your content into an authoritative Instagram Guide.

What are Instagram guides?

I have to admit that I missed the launch of Instagram Guides. It wasn’t until the team’s quarterly content review meeting that a colleague suggested we create them. I must confess; that I was not familiar with them at all.

They are not the most important feature of the platform. They aren’t the best feature on the platform, However, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. I’ll soon be discussing why they’re such a secret weapon for businesses.

Instagram Guides can be described as a content curation tool. You can group Instagram posts into a “Guide,” However, shown to anyone who visits your profile, However, and click on the “Guide tab” tab. Buying Instagram Followers

The tab will not appear if you have never created a guide on your Instagram profile. The new tabs are just like IGTV and Reel. They only show up if you have created and shared the type of content in your Instagram profile.

How to Re purpose Content for Instagram Guides

Why should I Repurpose content from Instagram Guides?

You might think, “Oh, great, However, another Instagram feature to make content for…why should you bother?” Buying Instagram Followers

If you want to increase your business’s reach via Instagram, However, I will tell you why creating Instagram Guides is worth it.

People can see a preview of your brand/business/who you are when they visit your Instagram account. Your profile should communicate effectively and efficiently what you do and where you are an expert.

There are only a few ways to get that message across.

Your bio can only contain a limited number of characters. It’s unlikely that visitors to your site will click on the link to learn more. Buying Instagram Followers

It can also be difficult to convey all of your brand’s messages through every post on your Instagram grid.

Guides are powerful because of this.

You can show new people you are serious by including Guides on your Instagram profile. Expert knowledge is shared here for free on an existing platform. Buying Instagram Followers

Visitors will quickly see the value of your Guides and why they should follow them.

There are four main reasons why brands and businesses should use Instagram Guides.

They are a sign of your expertise
They are a sign of credibility
These are helpful for anyone new to your profile
These are a great way to repurpose and curate your Instagram content
How can I repurpose my content for Instagram Guides?
Instagram Guides are an excellent content curation tool (and thus perfect for repurposing).

You don’t need to create new content using existing Instagram content.

It also extends the lifespan of your social media posts. However, social media posts can be fleeting; many brilliant ways to make them last longer. I share these in How to Create & Repurpose Your Highlights on Facebook.

Before I get into the steps to repurpose your content into an Instagram Guide, However, you might like to look at some accounts that use Instagram Guides brilliantly. Buying Instagram Followers

How to Turn Repurposed Content into Instagram Guides
You can also check out my guides on @content10x.

Here are five steps to turn your content into Instagram Guides

Choose the guides that you would like to create

Before opening the Instagram app, However, consider what topics your Guide will cover. Your products, services, However, and industry topics could all be featured.

Here are some ideas to help you get started if you are stuck for inspiration.

How-to Guide
These are your recommended resources
Your top tips on X topic
Guide to your products and services
An assortment of your favorite video/podcast episodes/quotes will inspire you.
Remember, however, that you must have the content on your Instagram profile to Repurpose it into Guides. If you wish to create a guide on your products using Instagram, However,you will need to have related posts.

Choose the type of Guide that you would like to create on Instagram

It’s now time to launch the app. You must visit your profile page, However, click the plus (+) button, and start creating Guides. You can then choose the Guide option. Buying Instagram Followers

It could be that the plus button is not showing up on your main homepage. You won’t see a choice for Guides, However, as you can only create them from your profile page.

You have three options for choosing from when it comes to Guide types:

Places: These are great for providing travel tips and recommendations.
Products: These are a way to categorize posts based on product type. They’re perfect for businesses that sell directly via Instagram. Buying Instagram Followers


These are for all Instagram posts. You can choose from your saved posts or ones you have created. Buying Instagram Followers
Although there isn’t much to choose between the three types, However, it is best to pick the one that suits your specific needs. This post will be devoted to Posts Guides.

Posts Guides are unique in that you can curate content from other people. Once you have saved a post to your profile, However, you can curate it into an article. Save the post you like, then select it from the saved folder.

You could also mix and match content from other users or create your Guide by combining content from different users. https://businesspara.com/

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