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Buying Guide for Freezer Jackets

by Steven Brown
Freezer Jackets

To stay comfortable, safe, and productive while operating in cold storage (such as freezers, chillers, or food preparation rooms), you must first wear high-quality cold storage apparel, also referred to as “freezer wear” in Australia. Trying to determine which kind of freezer jacket would fit you and the job function can be complicated if you’re inexperienced to the sector.

Freezer coats are not that inexpensive! What happens if I purchase one and develop a cold after a few days? This shopping advice will assist you “double-check” the equipment you’re purchasing for oneself or your employees is appropriate and maximizes their comfort and warmth, and productivity whether you’re used to it and cold but have plenty of expertise in the industry.

So, what exactly is freezer wear?

The term “cold store clothes” or “freezerwear” refers to work attire made expressly for use in chilly working conditions, most frequently in food processing and storage facilities. You must purchase proper freezerwear to protect yourself and your workers safety and health because regular work attire just does not provide enough protection and warmth to keep you comfortable and effective in these settings.

The risks of selecting the incorrect freezer clothing

It’s crucial to cover this before we explore what to look for when selecting a women’s or mens freezer jacket. Workers in cold storing frequently work many shifts and spend several hours per day in below-freezing conditions. This extended exposure to low conditions can have major impacts on your body, ranging from impaired mental and physical functionality to severe cold injuries like frostbite, if your protection apparel is inadequate. In this post, you may learn more about the main risks associated with working in cold storage.

What levels of activity and cold should my freezerwear be appropriate for?

The location you work in should be taken into account before shopping for freezer apparel. Is it a -25°C freezer or a chiller that operates between 0 and 4°C? A -60°C blast freezer might be what it is.   The next step is to ascertain how dynamic your position is inside the cold store. Your body produces heat while you work, and the more physically demanding your job is, the more warmth you produce. This is the reason why operating in a freezer might cause you to become overheated and perspire.

Does your clothing fit in the freezer?

You likely picture a big, clunky jacket padded with polar bear fur and filled with duck down whenever you picture of something like a freezer jacket. You must be warmer the more clothing you are wearing, right? Despite what it may seem like, working in a freezer can cause you to become overheated and perspire. Obviously, regardless of how big and furry your coat is, this could leave you damp and cold.

Breathability is simply the rate at which moisture passes through a material. In the instance of freezer clothing, this refers to how quickly sweat evaporates. Because conventional freezerwear is comprised of fabrics that don’t breathe, the padding, liner, and exterior fabric may force you to perspire more quickly. Having base layers and/or clothing that draws moisture away from your body is another approach to reduce perspiration.

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