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Can I change the name on a Frontier Airline Ticket

by gaurav gupta
I change the name on a Frontier Airline

Sometimes it happens that passengers fill wrong spelling of names by mistake or due to the legal name change. Passengers are allowed to change the name on Frontier Flight Ticket for specific cases. Therefore, we are sharing the name change related to important information about Frontier Airlines tickets. It will give you a complete overview about the Frontier name change on a ticket.

Can I change Name on a Frontier Ticket

Yes, It is possible that passengers can change their name on a Frontier Ticket. However, it depends on the reason for name changes as well. Below are the cases which are covered under Frontier Name change.

  • If there are any corrections, passengers may need to rebook under the right name. The name should be the same as mentioned in the govt issued ID which will work as a proof of name change.
  • On multi-segment flights, different airlines may have different restrictions; the one with the tightest rules takes precedence. 
  • The name change policy of Frontier Airlines prohibits the transfer of tickets to another individual. 
  • There can be a charge for name correction, and you’ll need to pay the difference in ticket. 
  • Errors in spelling that result from changes in legal names are usually accepted. 
  • Name change requests may be handled by Frontier’s customer service over the phone or online, depending on the ticket and cabin type. 
  • Fill out a form to start a name correction, and Frontier’s customer support will walk you through the steps and any costs involved.

Frontier Name Change using Official Website

  • Launch the process by going to frontier.com. 
  • Select ‘Manage Booking’ from the list of choices. 
  • Click “Submit” and provide the last name of the traveler and the six-digit booking reference. 
  • Go to the “Change Name” area and continue to the next step. 
  • Correct the name exactly in the designated field. Travelers may occasionally be asked to submit a digital copy of a government-issued ID, such a passport or driver’s license. 
  • Send in the required Frontier name adjustment charge and any applicable fare variance during the finalization to complete the transaction. 
  • When it’s finished, you should receive an updated booking confirmation in your assigned email that has the correct name.

Change Name on Frontier ticket using Mobile App

  • Using a mobile app, alter the name of a Frontier Airline airline ticket
    Start by opening your smartphone’s Frontier Airlines app and signing into your account. 
  • Find the “My Trips” or “Manage Booking” area after logging in; this part is usually shown on the app’s home screen. 
  • Select the particular flight that you want the name changed for. Seek out choices such as “Edit” or “Modify.” 
  • Enter the new passenger’s name as directed by the on-screen instructions, making sure the information is correct by double-checking it. 
  • The app will notify you to safely finish the payment procedure if there are any fees related to the name change. 
  • Verify the modifications and carefully go over the revised schedule to make sure all the information is accurate. 
  • To complete, save or take a snapshot of the updated booking confirmation for your records.

Change Your Name on Frontier flight Offline

  • Use a credit or debit card to pay over the phone for any fare discrepancies as well as the Frontier name change cost. 
  • After the name change request has been handled, you will receive an email with the amended booking confirmation. 
  • Prepare to provide official documentation confirming the proposed name change on your ticket. 

If you need to make changes, follow Frontier name change policy within three hours of departure. 

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