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Cardboard Wholesale Boxes – 8 Things You Need to Know Before Ordering 

by Steven Brown
Cardboard Boxes

Any company that produces goods understands the value of premium packaging. The box you choose matters more than you might think, regardless of whether you are distributing your products to a retail store or sending them straight to the customer. The packaging is a consumer or retailer’s initial impression of your brand. It can make an unforgettable consumer experience and endure brand loyalty. 

Cardboard boxes are popular among businesses, but are they ideal for your requirements? 

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of cardboard boxes wholesale from a variety of angles.  

In the following article, we go over some of the essential characteristics of these containers and the advantages of using cardboard.

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Why Should You Have Cardboard Boxes Wholesale in your Business?  

Corrugated cardboard boxes are a common option in the manufacturing and retail sectors. They work especially well when combined with personalized alternatives that demonstrate to the buyer how proud you are of your brand without exceeding the budget.  

Learn here the six advantages of using cardboard boxes for your business: 

  1. Not Heavy on Pocket 

One of the most economical packaging alternatives is typically cardboard boxes. The boxes are generally made from inexpensive raw materials, making them significantly more cost-effective than other options. Even though customization and printing options will raise the cost, the ultimate result is typically still very reasonable, especially for businesses that choose to purchase their bulk cardboard boxes solutions in larger quantities. 

Additionally, cardboard boxes’ small weight enables businesses to further save transportation expenses. Even heavy cardboard boxes weigh relatively little, allowing companies to transfer more goods for a given dollar amount. Due to the boxes’ lightweight, shipping packages are simple, time- and labor-efficient. 

  • Sustainable Packaging Solution 

Custom cardboard packaging is frequently eco-friendly, enabling businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and advance their sustainability initiatives. For instance, Half Price Packaging uses corrugated cardboard, which is 60 to 85% post-consumer waste. Because all our materials are recyclable, businesses may use many boxes without endangering the environment.  

Even more, sustainability can be achieved by giving cardboard boxes other uses after they have served their original purpose for shipment

  • Make Your Brand Distinctive 

Due to the present boom in online shopping and quick shipping, practically all businesses deliver their goods to clients worldwide.  

Then, how can you make your company unique? 

Custom cardboard box sizes of the finest quality will make your packaging stand out more. The quality of your brand can be strengthened, and your chances of being noticed are increased by using eye-catching and vibrant packaging, whether you are distributing your products directly to clients’ doorsteps or retail stores. 

You can decide to showcase your business’s name, logo, color scheme, or promotional tag. Whatever approach you use with customizable features, personalizing your boxes will support the maintenance of a strong brand identity. 

  • They add a Personal Touch 

There are many chances to express your creativity while designing your own cardboard box. You may incorporate your company’s character and identity into your packaging in various ways, including using colors, printed graphics, marketing text, and custom sizes. This kind of work will boost the professional quality of your packaging and the consumer experience. 

Additionally, you can convey useful information to your clients through custom packaging. Include contact information, highlight recent promotions, or provide reorder information to encourage customers to make additional purchases. 

  • Sneak Peek through Die-Cut Feature 

To enhance their visual appeal, you can add die-cut designs to these cardboard boxes. This addition may serve as the cherry on top for you as well.  

To be honest, it truly does aid in pulling clients. These special cardboard packaging further extends the shelf life of the products. It’s interesting to note that these cutouts can be any size or form. They may be on the front of truffle boxes, the lid of flip-top or sleeve boxes, soapboxes, or other surfaces. These cutouts can have any shape, including square, rectangular, floral, or other. 

  • Shipping 

Boxes made of cardboard serve as more than just packaging for items; they also function as the items’ exterior layers of defense against deterioration and harm. Corrugated layers are added to these boxes to give them the necessary strength and durability.  

As shipping cartons, the packaging cardboard boxes is extremely important. These corrugated boxes are the ones that are favored as they contain rows of air columns that serve as cushions for the material contained within. Air columns are sturdy because of their ability to absorb. They also play a crucial role in protecting against persistent shocks, vibrations, and the impact of frequent bumps. These boxes are undoubtedly essential to the security of the contents inside. Their strength and durability are quite helpful for the warehouse’s pile-up situation. 

  • Product Safety  

Only your packaging selection stands between your product and its potentially rocky ride. Custom cardboard packaging can protect and keep your products safely in place during shipping. This covers safeguarding goods against harm brought on by shocks and vibrations and keeping them clear of road debris. Quality cardboard boxes have a thick, sturdy exterior that acts as a protective barrier, and a snug fit guarantees that your contents will be kept in place with no shaking or movement. 

  • Multiple Industries 

In a variety of commercial sectors, cardboard boxes are frequently used. There is multiple cardboard boxes supplier in the market that offer shoe boxes, clothing boxes, archive boxes, toy boxes, and CD/DVD boxes of several easily noticeable types.  

Additionally, cardboard boxes are perfect for bakeries for packaging, including cake, cupcake, and macaroon boxes. On the other hand, restaurants, and small food stands also employ a range of lunch boxes and unique packaging. These boxes can secure lightweight products at retail stores in addition to being used for shipping. 

 Moreover, these custom boxes with logo are essential for drawing in new clients. Because of their durability and robustness, corrugated boxes were also utilized by the giants of the electronics sector. 

Order the Phenomenal Boxes with One Easy Step:  

Do you want to include cardboard boxes in your company’s operations and distribution strategy?  

Half Price Packaging is here to assist. Our in-house design and production procedures enable us to produce and deliver cardboard boxes wholesale efficiently. Businesses can engage with our team of structural designers to guarantee that they receive the high-quality packaging solutions they require. 

To discover the best shipping box sizes for your products, consult our manual on the home page. Then, purchase your custom cardboard boxes with just one click. Contact our experts directly if you have any inquiries to learn more. 

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