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Cheapest Insurance for Private Hire-Protect My Taxi

by Steven Brown
Cheapest insurance for private hire

What is the cost of UK private hire insurance? Get the cheapest insurance for private hire.

Cheapest insurance for private hire is available for as little as £110 for a 30-day policy or £940 for an annual plan. While drivers who choose our annual coverage might save £390 over the course of a year compared to those who buy rolling 30-day protection, drivers who switch to Protect My Taxi Sense can receive discounts of up to 32% off their 30 days policy. *In the six months preceding to June 21, 2022, 10% of Protect My Taxi customers paid these sums or less for their insurance.

With Protect My Taxi, find the finest private hire taxi insurance, that is suitable and within your budget. Purchase annual or flexible 30-day plans. Alternatively, select Protect My Taxi Sense, a telematics program that offers discounts to good taxi drivers based on how safely they drive. The more you save, the safer you drive.

Private Hire Insurance, What does it entail?

Private hire insurance is a sort of protection for qualified cab drivers and their vehicles who are authorized to pick up clients who have made reservations. Like public hire taxi services, private hire cabs are not permitted to pick up customers from designated stands or on the side of the road. Uber and other types of small taxis are examples of private taxis. The majority of the time, these taxi services are connected to a phone, radio, or even an app that customers can use to schedule a trip in advance.

Why is it important to opt for this type of coverage?

If you operate a private hire taxi service, you will be on the road for significant stretches of time every day. Furthermore, you might be spending a lot of time driving in urban areas with heavier traffic. You run a larger risk of accidents and injuries as a private hire driver. You require private hire taxi insurance for this reason. Also keep in mind that you are required by law to obtain private hire taxi insurance. This kind of insurance will cover you, your passengers, your car, and your business.

How does private hire taxi insurance work? 

The ease and convenience of using a private hire cab have contributed significantly to their increased popularity in recent years. If you want to take a standard taxi, you have to wait outside for one to approach, frequently for several minutes. To schedule a journey, however, a passenger in a private hire cab can contact or use an app whenever it is convenient for them, knowing that the cab will be there to pick them up at a certain time.

You need private hire taxi insurance if you operate a private hire taxi service. What is insurance for private hire and who is it for? These are just a few of the queries we’ll address in this manual. You will require private hire insurance if you operate a minicab taxi service or drive for Uber. This article will examine private hire insurance, including what it is, who needs it, what to look for in a policy, and other topics.

Compare Taxi Insurance Quotes Online, to get the cheapest insurance for private hire.

If you operate a taxi service, you want to have the finest insurance protection possible without breaking the bank. We compare plans from reputable insurers, like Protect My Taxi, to make sure you don’t miss out on a great offer; here is where Insurance we can assist.

Regardless of whether you operate a black cab, MPV, minibus, or are a taxi driver, chauffeur, or wedding vehicle driver, we can assist you in locating the best insurance for your company at a reasonable cost. Every cent counts when you’re operating a taxi, as we all know. By requesting a quick, free taxi insurance quotes from us, you can ensure that you’re getting the greatest value for your money.

Do I require insurance for private & public hire insurance?

Public hire insurance is required if you pick up clients on the street without a reservation, like a London black cab. You’d get the cheapest insurance for private vehicles if you only take pre-scheduled passengers from one particular point of origin, such as a minicab driver or an airport taxi company. Whether you own your own business or are a part of a taxi company, our team can suggest the best course of action for your situation. Tell us about your taxi, including how you use it and any changes it may have. Using this data, we’ll look up and make comparisons for taxi insurance quotes.

You have the same options for fully comprehensive, third-party, and third party fire and theft coverage as you have for auto insurance. Additionally, you can select any add-ons you want your policy to have, such as a breakdown cover.Additionally, you can select any add-ons you want your policy to have, such as breakdown insurance and public liability insurance. We do yearly evaluations to ensure that you are always receiving the best value and to look for any taxi insurance reductions that can enable you to save even more money. You can rest assured that we support you. Give us a call right away if you’re in the area because we have offices in Manchester, Glass Gow, Birmingham, London, and London.

Do you need a price estimate?

 To get a quote on the cheapest insurance for private hire simply get in touch with us. We have list of clients who we have satisfied with our services. And you can trust the policies that you want for your cheapest insurance for private hire vehicles. We only strive for excellence, if anything untasteful happens we talk full responsibility for it.  By getting to know your company and how it operates, Protect My Taxi Insurance can provide you with market-leading costs with the appropriate coverage for your needs. We have established good partnerships with major insurers and specialty insurers in the taxi market.

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