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Choosing the Best MP3 Player for Running

by Steven Brown

It’s a fact that many people enjoy driving with MP3 players or iPods. I have one, I rarely use it for running, but if I need to exercise in the gym or have long term distraction, it’s a great tool to keep me mentally on the right track. There are many models to choose from. Here are some key features to consider:

Storage space

All MP3 players have some amount of storage to store songs. You can get around 250 songs per song using Apple Tracks (4MB per song). GB of storage on your device. Some models have a small amount of storage and require frequent top-ups if you want to listen to new songs, but some models have space to store your entire music collection.

To be honest, I don’t think you can fill more than 4 or 8 GB let alone a 160 GB iPod! Think about how much storage space you really need before buying a higher-end model. The reservation for this is video. More and more new players are equipped with small video screens and the ability to play videos and movies. If you buy one of these models and want to store movies, make sure you get one with plenty of storage because movies really take up a lot of space on the device.

Built-in lithium rechargeable

Pros: Very low on the irritation scale. Simply connect the device to a computer and let it charge. Cons: What if you take your favorite pagalworld on a trip without access to a computer? You may need to purchase an additional accessory to charge on the go. Another downside is that these lithium batteries eventually lose their charge capacity and need to be replaced. You must send your device in for “repair” or try to replace it yourself.

Normal battery

Advantages: The batteries are easy to change and they are ubiquitous.

Cons: You will have to change the battery very often, especially if you have an LCD screen. MP3 players tend to drain batteries at an extraordinary rate. You can partially overcome this inconvenience by using the rechargeable batteries that I recommend.

Availability of accessories

Without a doubt, Apple’s line of MP3 players offers the most accessible accessories. It’s the most popular MP3 player on the market, and many companies are trying to sell products to users of the device, including everything from wristbands to docking stations, which could explain its popularity. Be sure to check what accessories are available before purchasing the device. You don’t want to find out that you can’t charge it by connecting it to a computer after you buy it.


Consider how to get music to fill your player. All players allow you to “rip” your CD and insert the resulting MP3 files into the player. Other options include purchasing your music online or paying for a music subscription service.

Copy cads

For those unfamiliar with MP3 “jargon”, CD ripping means copying music from a CD into your computer into a format that can be inserted into the drive. All players will have the ability to do this, and you can put any music you currently have on the player.

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