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Top business to business cold calling mistakes

by Steven Brown
cold calling mistakes

Cold calls happen all time since you cannot avoid sales calls. No matter what they have a way to get through. Read about Top business to business cold calling mistakes

To expand your business, you need to reach out to other institutions to offer your services and products. Telemarketing has gained importance in the recent years. With the changing characters of business to business, your clients are way more informed these days. Moreover, the importance of sales crm has increased too. So for you as a telemarketer, you must be well prepared. If you want to generate more business, cold calling is your way to go. Not to mention, even small mistakes can limit the outcome of it. Thus, you need to avoid the most common mistakes often made during cold calling.

Top business to business cold calling mistakes

Lack of a dynamic cold call list

You may purchase a list of businesses to call and while someone picks up the phone you introduce them to your company and its services. Mostly, it leads to rejection. These lists are mostly based on location, the number of employees, revenue, etc. Thereby, you spend hours talking to clients who are not ready to buy.

Lack of research

Often there is a lack of prior research in a cold call. Without proper homework, you cannot understand who you are calling and how to help them with. Simple research over Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn can build prospects for your sales representatives. These tools are handy and provide you with information about the client you will be calling next.

You need to know about the company’s basic data. Furthermore, you should preferably research about the person you would be talking to. To pronounce their name or surname correctly is of great priority. Additionally, knowledge of their business events in the past or present, etc. can give you an upper hand.

Lack of good Customer Relationship Management (C.R.M.)

CRM is your tool to handle sales correctly while tracking a large amount of data. Thus, an efficient sales crm is most required to boost your business. It also helps your sales representatives accurately to build or maintain long-term relationships with clients. Thereby, it investing in a sales CRM becomes a must. At the same time, you must also look into the factors to consider before choosing a sales crm.

While the benefits are many, before investing in a sales crm, you must consider it can provide seamless access. The CRM has to be cloud-friendly, providing you access anywhere and everywhere whenever you want. And it must have a low cost. Additionally, it has to be user-friendly. That way it would be easier for you to get your employees to adapt to it. The reporting and customization of the sales crm have to be easy to suit your needs.

Moreover, you have to make sure your sales crm supports other Apps & integration with ERP. This will help you to access customer information, serial numbers, invoices, addresses, etc. directly in your sales system. You also need to make sure that the tech support team for your sales crm is always ready to help you out when in need.

Scripted calling methods

Mostly, badly scripted generic sales scripts can ruin your perspectives. On the contrary, if you have done your research or homework right, you won’t need that script anymore. With the script having its perks and benefits in its way, it is always good to improvise than to fall in a line. Not to mention, scripted calls are boring as well and often lead to hang-ups. And as a sales representative, you have to ease the problems of the customer, thus improvisation works better in such aspects.

Lack of Product knowledge

As a sales representative, you have to be always updated with the recent developments or product updates. You need to have a clear in and out knowledge of what you are offering to your customers. Always remember not all your customers are dumb. They often have better product knowledge in comparison to sales representatives. Dissolving their queries or unexpected questions will help you gain their trust and the client’s confidence in you increases.  

Close-ended questions

As a sales representative, you have to make sure the client understands that you are a good listener. That you are interested in solving their problems and hearing them out. Thus, irrelevant questions won’t make the conversation engaging. So you have to ask open-ended questions to them allowing them to reply.

Close-ended questions make it harder for the conversation to keep going on. Moreover, a simple yes or no limits the space for future talks.

Proper follow-up

This is the worst mistake you can make in regards to cold calling. Following up with the clients is very important in telemarketing. The sales crm comes into play here since it stores all the information for you. Only a few customers will be ready to work with you when you call them for the first time. Eventually, by building rapport and only by following them up according to their schedule you can turn them towards you.

Further, follow-ups will help you to develop better relationships with your clients. And by better relationships only you can generate more business. Research shows almost 49% of sales representatives do not follow up with their customers. Whereas, 80% of sales happen at the 5th or 12th contact.

Failing to notice the voicemail

When you call them for the first time out of the blue, most people don’t pick up. As they don’t know who you are. Most sales representatives overlook the power of voicemail at this part and disconnect the call. That eliminates the advantage to build rapport with the customer. Instead using the voicemail would be rather a better option. It will help you to attain your customer’s interest as well as exhibit your value.

Of course, they won’t call you back. But there would develop a better chance for you when you call them back next time. You can store the information in the sales crm and follow them up later. Next time it is more likely they might respond to your call. 

Putting yourself in the first place

In trying to sell your value you can easily keep on talking about your business regarding the services, you provide to your customers. Thereby, most sales representatives forget about the importance of hearing out. On the other hand, you have to be all ears to the client’s needs. Only then there would develop prospects for future business deals.

It is also a more professional approach toward the client. So you have to always remember that it is about them and not you & act likewise. This technique will help you in client-centered selling.

The credibility of the caller

The person you are calling cannot see you. Therefore, as a sales representative, you have to put your heart into it. The passion must be felt in your voice. Mostly, the chance of attaining your goal lies here. If you have conviction and are engaging and enthusiastic only then the person on the other hand will hear you out.

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Don’t give up

Cold calling is tiring. Therefore it is easy for you to be discouraged. There would be more hang-ups than you can ever imagine. Mostly that leads sales representatives to give up on the customers. The clients may have their reasons but you need to follow them up periodically. Henceforth, your chances of getting business will increase over time.

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