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Commercial Cold Room Selection for Your Business

by Steven Brown

Commercial cooling room is a must for the catering industry and organizations involved in the large food supply. They provide significant storage at optimum temperatures to keep food fresh, limit waste and meet required safety standards. However, commercial chillers are much more versatile and are not limited to edibles. They are essential for keeping medical or laboratory supplies at the right temperature and are also used by plant and flower suppliers.

This is a guide to the specific features your business room may look for and the types of solutions available when choosing a frozen product for your 강남풀싸롱.

Modular cold room

Modular cold rooms are large or commercial freezer rooms. Available in flat pack format, it is extremely versatile with hundreds of variations tailored to the individual requirements of the manufacturers. Composed of standard sized panels, you can easily lock floors, ceilings and walls to create a freezer room and a space available to your customers according to your specific needs. Modular rooms offer customers all the benefits of bespoke cooling solutions at no additional cost.

Modular chambers can be frozen or refrigerated at any temperature. They are primarily used to store food, but can also be used for chemicals, lab supplies, cut flowers, seeds and other organic farming products.

Combined cold room

Some companies, especially in the food industry, need to keep their stocks in different temperature ranges (for example, refrigerated or frozen). The solution is to have a separate cold room or a combination room (a combination room with a separate temperature zone inside). These combined rooms take up less space than individual cold rooms and are ideal when space is limited.

The combined room is usually divided into two rooms. Exterior doors usually open to the hottest room, usually the chiller zone. The door on the wall of the chiller zone opens to the freezer section. Both rooms are controlled by separate cooling units for ease of use, safety and reliability.

Industrial Alcohol Room

Industrial cold rooms are designed to handle much larger quantities and can be very large. Combo rooms and modular rooms are primarily used for personnel access, while industrial cold rooms provide bulk storage solutions. Industrial rooms may require access to vehicles such as forklifts to load and unload goods. In addition, different access and storage requirements may require different design features such as pallet racks and wide doors.

Cold room selection

When choosing a solution for keeping refrigerated and frozen stock cold, it is important to first determine whether a walk in the refrigerated room is necessary or if there is enough product for it. In this case, a large commercial refrigerator provides the answer, a cheaper alternative, and takes up less space.

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