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5 Common Windows Errors With Solution

by Steven Brown
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Windows users are likely to encounter OS errors quite often. You haven’t abandoned the operating system yet, have you? Windows is the most intuitive OS, and it has many other advantages. It is also the most widely used OS in the world. But ubiquity doesn’t necessarily mean superiority in every aspect. This blog post will discuss the five most common Windows errors as well as their quick solutions.

5 Windows Errors with Solution

1. Blue Screen of Death

BSOD, also known as Stop Error, is a fatal Windows system error. It can indicate serious hardware or software problems.

BSOD errors can cause corruption and data loss and damage the system files as well as hardware. It is a Windows OS protection measure to prevent further and more serious damage from critical hardware issues or device driver problems.

Here are some reasons why BSOD Error occurs:

a. Drivers of damaged or corrupt devices

b. Hardware for aging

c. Malware

d. Misconfigured/Altered BIOS settings

Drive errors due to physical, logical, and/or mechanical problems

f. Corrupt files and bad sectors

g. Corrupt or damaged system file

h. Disconnect hardware connections

i. RAM errors

2. POST Check Errors

The Power-On Self Test, or POST, is a diagnostic sequence in which the BIOS or system firmware runs immediately after a Windows PC turns on. POST basically checks hardware components such as RAM, processor, and hard disk drives for integrity before the OS is booted.

The POST will play a series of coded beeps if the hardware is not found or faulty. You then see the error message/code on the screen. Each POST error has a unique code that varies according to the BIOS.

3. Missing DLL files

Dynamic Link Libraries, or DLLs, is a shared file records that multiple programs can use for certain tasks and activities. The Comdlg32 DLL, for example, is used by software that you install on Windows to perform dialog box-related functions.

Sometimes, however, DLL errors can appear when you launch or open a program. These errors can occur when you run large programs, such as games, which often require multiple DLLs to perform various mathematical and graphical processes.

The DLL error message will also contain the solution. It looks similar to this:

“The program cannot start because ABC Reasons.dll is missing” To fix the problem, try reinstalling it.

How do I fix DLL errors in Windows?

Most users follow a general rule of thumb: Download the missing DLL file, and then place it in the software’s install directory. This can cause damage to your system, as hackers frequently upload malicious DLL files to target computers. Avoid downloading DLLs via the internet. These steps will fix your DLL error

  • Restart your computer
  • Stellar Data Recovery Professional Windows software can recover the.DLL file. It helps to recover deleted data
  • System restore to an earlier condition
  • Run a malware/virus scan
  • All hardware drivers should be updated
  • SFC /scannow in command prompt
  • If possible, then follow the instructions. Reinstalling game files can take many hours and can be time-consuming. It can also be frustrating to see the error after reinstallation.
  • If you get a DLL error when running a game, update the device drivers manually.

4. Drive is not accessible

You may notice errors when a hard drive is damaged. These include the inability to access or find the drive, an incompatible file system, unsupported formats, and sometimes the system not booting.

This error is very common because malware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and faster spreading. Malware can alter or affect the drive’s files system, causing disk corruption. This causes “drive not recognized” and other similar errors.

Drive corruption can also be caused by improper drive usage and unplugging drives that are not safely removed. This makes external storage drives like hard drives, thumb drives and SD cards unaccessible and eventually leads to significant data loss.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional can immediately recover data from a corrupt drive. This guide will show you how to recover data from corrupt internal or external drives.

5. Windows Update Error 0x80070057

the 0x80070057 error code is something that every Windows user would recognize. It was present in Windows XP, and it has continued to be in every Windows Operating System since. This error is usually caused by Windows Update experiencing constant glitches.

This issue can be resolved by changing a few registry files and renaming the Software Distribution directory. Let’s take each step one at a time to get a better understanding.

a. Modify the registry files

This problem can be fixed by making changes to Windows Registry.

  • Use the Windows key + R to type Regedit, then press Enter.
  • Verify that the registry entries below match yours.





You can change the word values if necessary. Once you have made the necessary changes, reboot your computer and then try to upgrade.

b. Rename the Software Distribution folder

  • Type %SystemRoot% into the Windows Key + R, and then press Enter. A window will open.
  • Scroll down to locate the Software Distribution folder.
  • Rename this folder to SoftwareDistributon.old.
  • Restart your computer and try the update.

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Operating systems can lead to many software and hardware errors. Windows 10 errors are not as difficult to fix as other OS. error codes will also indicate possible solutions.

These fixes might not be effective in all situations. This comprehensive guide addresses 5 of the most common Windows errors. Blue Screen of Death. POST Check Errors. Missing DLL Files. Inaccessible Drive. Windows Update Error: 0x80070057. These errors can be fixed by using the solutions provided.

This guide has already mentioned that data loss is a common result of most errors. Stellar Data Recovery Professional can help you recover your data. Stellar Data Recovery Professional can recover any file format from any Windows PC or supported storage media. In just a few clicks, it can recover data from corrupt drives, formatted drives, or deleted partitions.

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