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Comprehensive Guide of Animation Ideas for Freelance Animators

by Steven Brown
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Even since the spread of COVID-19 and the entire world being forced to stay indoors, people have started relying on technology and the internet more than ever. According to statistics, there are approximately 313 million internet users in the USA, and about 41% of the world population uses the internet. And these numbers just keep growing.

Since a lot of people are using the internet and many businesses are distributing content for online audiences, there is a steady flow of content, and each day, a new type of content pops up on the internet. One of the most trendy contents loved by businesses and audiences alike is animated videos.

With the growing demand for animated videos, businesses are looking to hire video animators to create engaging animated videos for them. If you’re a freelancer and came to this blog to get inspiration and ideas, you’ve come to the right place, my friend! Here, we will discuss the best video animation ideas to help you grow as a freelance animator and get you a competitive edge.

Why Animated Videos?

If we talk about content, it is all about telling a story, whether it is about the product, the brand, or anything that revolves around the brand. The main goal is to get the message across creatively and convince the audience to take the desired action. However, just having a story is not enough; the delivery and execution are equally important. This is where animated videos can help.

Animation Ideas for Freelance Animators

If we talk about freelance animators, they must come up with unique and innovative ideas to stick themselves apart from the crowd. Below, we are going to discuss some project ideas through which freelance animators can reach out to the audiences, get recognition, and persuade the audiences to work with them:

1. Get Personal with an Animator’s Day in the Life

Nothing is more intimate in terms of animation project ideas than an animator’s day-in-the-life video. As the name implies, this type of video shows an animator’s usual day, from when they get up to when they leave for the day.

A day-in-the-life movie allows animators to communicate their everyday responsibilities, experiences, and difficulties with a larger audience. It’s also among the greatest methods for assisting prospective animators in learning more about the business.

It can be helpful when speaking with prospective clients for animation who want to learn more about your company or your freelancing work.

An animated day-in-the-life video is a way for you to showcase your work ethic, discuss previous tasks, and give project partners a sneak peek at who they could be working with.

2. Go Back to Basics with Flipbook Animation

The majority of animators enter the field because they enjoy drawing. Nothing screams old school like a hand-drawn flipbook animation if this describes you and you want to get back to, quote, unquote, “your origins”!

Flipbooks were popular before the development of supercomputers and sophisticated 3D software, which are used in some of the finest CGI videos, such as the whole Marvel franchise.

A flipbook is a book with a picture on each page that viewers may turn to view a brief animated video in its most basic form.

These animation project ideas may be satisfying for people who prefer drawing as a personal interest, even though animators will have to create every frame by hand, as they do in conventional animation. Furthermore, creating a flipbook has a very retro vibe to it.

3. Produce A Voiceover Animation Video

Are you a freelance animator who feels uninspired by your surroundings and seeks unique animation industry openings or a challenge? Then we have the ideal animation project suggestions for you!

Create a voiceover video with animation to learn something new. Voiceovers, a component of video production that is heard over the images, are becoming more and more well-liked. Nowadays, practically anything uses them as a type of narration, including successful TV series, ads, and documentaries.

4. Animate Your Podcasts

Because consumers are getting more interested in listening to episodes while performing other activities like cooking, driving, or cleaning, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular recently.

There are several advantages to podcasting, and some animators even take a chance and launch their own animation podcasts to broaden their networks and audience.

Converting a few podcast episodes into animated video clips to publish on your social media accounts is one of the animation project ideas that freelance animators may use to increase the popularity of their animation podcasts.

5. Craft A Few Seasonal Animations

Data shows that customized animations, messages, and presents can boost income and client loyalty among animation clients. So, in addition to honing your abilities and doing something meaningful, you’re also advertising your video animation company!

You can do anything, such as animated GIFs with Christmas themes, or even go above and above and make a short film. To send your clients festive e-cards, you can create holiday animations if you run an animation business.

6. Create An Animation For Your Favorite Products

Let’s imagine you want folks to know about a few of your favorite items. If so, you can find the concepts for an animated product video fascinating for your animation project!

In particular, for independent animators who specialize in or want to create a career out of video animation, making an animated video for a product will not only increase brand awareness for goods you endorse but will also look fantastic in your professional portfolio.

Wrapping It Up

Are you prepared to apply these creative content video ideas that are appealing, efficient, and cost-efficient? Although they can appear to be somewhat difficult, trust us when we say that implementing these concepts is easy and enjoyable. You’ll also be shocked by how your audience responds.

However, it may take some months before an animator has a eureka moment that inspires them to begin working on an animation project. We hope that at least one of our six suggestions for animated projects has resonated with you.

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