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Copy Of Your Birth Certificate

by Steven Brown

Proof of address on behalf of the applicant or at least one of the surnames, if possible, of the applicant or a family member to be seal by the Embassy of Mexico if needing translation into a language other than Spanish.

4 photos, two front and two right profiles. They should be wash in women without makeup. For men, it must be without a beard or mustache. The forehead and ears should be clear, without lenses, accessories, earrings. They are color photos with a white background.

All of these documents must be sent to Mexico in the original in order to process the document on your behalf

If you do not have anyone in Mexico who can help you with this, you can edit this proof of registration data with us. If you have any questions or need more information, please fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What US Apostille is required to apply for dual citizenship in Mexico?

If your children were born in the Unite States and you wish to process dual nationality in Mexico, it is important that your American act be apostilled. The United States Apostille is done there directly, the embassies or consulates do not documents, each state issues its own apostille, that is, if your child was born in Los Angeles the apostille is from the state of California, if he was born in Dallas the apostille comes from Texas.

To carry out dual citizenship in Mexico, along with US law, you must apostille the certified translation by an expert of the law and apostille, without this certified translation, they cannot process dual citizenship. The translation must be do by an expert recognize by the Supreme Court.

With us you can complete packages for dual citizenship in Mexico, including American law apostilled and translated by an expert, the whole package. For a quote or for more information, fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Do I have to live in the US to apostille a document? How can I apostille a US document from Mexico? Where do I apostille an American birth certificate in Mexico?

If your children were born in the Unite States, if you were marry in the US, if you study in the US and currently live in another country and need to apostille your documents with us you can do it, it is not necessary that You live in the Unite States to do it, you just need to send your original documents to our offices in the United States to do it. You can also send them to our offices in Mexico and we will take care of shipping to the US. It is important to know that embassies or consulates do not documents, this must be do directly in the Unite States.

What Is The Hague Apostille? What Is Apostille?

In a simple way we can define that the apostille consists of a certificate that the signature and seal use in a public document were affix by an authorize official. This means that through this process a public document issue in one country can be accept in another country, for example an apostille document in Mexico can be accept in the United States and vice versa.

Where does the apostille come from? Where does the Hague come from?

This certification is the result of the countries that sign the Hague Convention, This convention was use to eliminate the requirement of Legalizacion of documents Public, Foreign, it was a long process of certification chain up to then, in which I go to four different authorities had to certify a document with the seal of the embassy of the country where you spend the documents that were to legalize, This convention was to simplify this process to now only one legalizacion only with only the apostille.

Can documents be apostille in embassies or consulates?

No, the apostille is only issue directly in the country where the documents were issue. Consulates or embassies are not authorize to apostille. You also cannot apostille documents originating from one country in another country, for example, A birth certificate from the state of California in the US cannot be in Mexico, this California law can only be apostille in the state of California in the US. It is the same case for a birth certificate from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This certificate cannot be apostille in the United States or at a Mexican embassy in the United States; it can only be apostille directly in the state of Chihuahua.

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