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File a CPS Report

by Steven Brown
CPS arizona

If you have been the subject of abuse or neglect, you can contact the Department of Child Safety, or CPS, in Arizona to file a report. In 2016, Arizona’s CPS received 23,686 calls that met statutory criteria for a CPS arizona. Although it is important to understand that you can refuse to speak with investigators, they are still allow to interview you, even if you do not agree with them.

DCS was create in the Second Special Session

The modern Department of Child Safety (DCS) was form as a result of legislation that split DCS from the Department of Economic Security (DES). The bill significantly rewrote A.R.S. Title 8 and created a Departmental Director, appointed by the governor. In 2014, the agency was given more power to make decisions on behalf of children and youth, including overseeing juvenile courts, providing treatment services, and ensuring a stable home environment.

The first steps were taken to create DCS, which was a statutory body created in 1933. Laws 1933, Chapter 35 repealed Revised Statutes Chapter 40, Article 2. The state created a five-member Board that served four-year terms. The Board had a wide variety of duties that parallel those performed by DCS today, including investigating reports of child neglect, inspecting private institutions, and hiring more than one secretary. The legislation also authorized the appointment of legal guardianships for children living within DCS’s boundaries.

CPS arizona

CPS Arizona received calls that met the statutory criteria for a DCS report

The statutory criteria for a DCS report include calls that are related to child abuse, neglect, or death. Generally, a report must be made by a professional with knowledge of child abuse or a reasonable suspicion of child abuse. The chief administrator of an entity with more than 25 mandated reporters may designate an agent to submit reports. The designate agent must include the first and last name, title, and contact information of every employee and volunteer.

Arizona has an effective hotline, which takes calls from anyone who believes a child has been abused or neglect. To receive a report, you need to provide information that will help CPS identify and locate the child. The staff of the hotline should document concerns and send these to the relevant DCS case manager and the entity overseeing the hotline’s license.

DCS investigators can conduct an interview even if you do not approve of it

If you don’t approve of a DCS interview, you have the right to object. If you are not present at the interview, you can have your lawyer answer questions on your behalf. The interviewer must follow certain procedures, such as not showing notes to the interviewee. You can also stop the interview at any time. You can object to the interview at any time.

CPS arizona

DCS has a comprehensive health plan expenditure authority fund

Laws 2021, Chapter 409 required DCS to establish a comprehensive health plan expenditure authority fund. This fund covers comprehensive medical care and dental care, behavioral health services, and medical emergencies for children under DCS supervision. Receive approximately half of the total annual health care expenditures. Administered by the Mercy Care organization, which has a comprehensive network of hospitals and providers. Cover vision services, as Medicaid currently covers.

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