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Different Types of Blood Group Found in Human Body

by Steven Brown
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Type of blood

The type of blood that a person has is determined by the presence of two types of antigens on their red blood cells. These antigens are proteins and are known to activate the body’s immune response. Blood is classified into four main groups, namely Type O, B, AB, and A.

Type O is one of the most common blood types. It is commonly called universal donor blood. People with this type can safely receive blood of any other blood type, making it a popular choice for patients with unmatched blood types. However, it is also in short supply. Many hospitals and emergency departments do not have enough supplies of this type of blood to meet demand.

Blood is composed of a liquid substance, called plasma, which carries oxygen throughout the body. Blood has many components, including red blood cells and white blood cells. Blood is classified into several groups depending on its contents, including the type of sugars and glycolipids that it contains.

In 1901, Austrian Karl Landsteiner discovered that blood can be classified into four major blood groups. These are: Group A, Type AB, and Group O. There are more than 300 minor blood groups. Each group is defined by a set of antibodies that are expressed on various cells in the body.

Blood is used to carry oxygen and to pick up waste products. If an individual’s blood is incompatible with another person’s, the result can be a severe reaction. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or at least minimize the symptoms of this reaction.

Blood is compatible

To make sure that an individual’s blood is compatible with a person’s, a doctor must determine their blood type prior to any transfusion. This is done by typing the individual’s blood to see what their blood type is. Although there are no scientific studies about why blood types occur, some experts believe that they were formed to help red blood cells become resistant to infection.

Blood is classified into four basic types, based on its contents. Those with blood types A, B, or AB are more likely to develop heart attacks and stomach cancer than those with other blood types. Individuals with Type O blood are less likely to develop these diseases, but are more prone to ulcers and colon cancer.

People with blood type A are most common in Poland, Ukraine, and Central and Eastern Europe. They are also found in some Asian and North American Indian populations. Interestingly, 80% of Blackfoot Indians in Montana have type A. Another factor in determining the type of blood that a person has is a gene called Rh. When someone has a genetic variant of this gene, the antibody that binds to the D antigen on their red blood cells is absent.

Blood group AB is the least common of the ABO blood types. Unlike other blood types, individuals with this type of blood do not have antibodies against the A and B antigens on their red blood cells.

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