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Different Types of Wall Mirrors for different spaces in one’s Abode

by Steven Brown

Mirrors not only reflect our gorgeous selves but also illuminate our identities. Decorative wall mirrors are your all-weather friends when it comes to interior decor because they serve dual purposes- one decorative and the other functional.

A wide range of patterns and designs make them easily adaptable to various locations in your house. Mirrors also enhance the physical characteristics of a space such as creating an optical illusion which makes the place look larger and improves the lighting of the area. Along with it, mirrors elevate the aesthetic vibes of your home only to remind you time and again that you are beautiful. Decorative wall mirrors help to accentuate the looks of furniture and also adds flair to the space by reflecting light and colours in the room. 

We know it becomes quite daunting when one has to choose from large options of home décor India available and buy mirrors online. Our ultimate guide to different varieties of decorative wall mirrors will help you make the right decision. Here are 6 different kinds of decorative mirror for living room! 

Table of Contents

  • Mirrors with a hanging belt
  • Mirrors with abstract designs  
  • Oval Mirrors 
  • Antique Mirrors 
  •  Wired Mesh Mirrors
  • Mirrors with golden lining

Mirrors with a hanging belt

Your unique home calls for offbeat home decor India items. Decorative wall mirror with a belt comes with a vintage hanging belt that makes them the top choice of interior designers around the world. The belt is often made of leather which gives it the classic look and highlights the textures of the wall. They can be hung everywhere in your house to bring a luxurious touch to your home. They are versatile, durable, and adaptable according to your own needs. This decorative wall mirror from our collection is the trendiest pattern that is worth your attention. 

A stylish mirror will enhance any wall, bedroom, hallway & lounge. Decor mirrors improve your living space and reflect your style.Buy wall mirrors, round and large mirrors online at Koop NZ

Mirrors with abstract designs  

Abstract designs have meaning in themselves that is they impersonate the idea of beauty in meaninglessness. When you buy mirrors online, remember that mirrors with abstract patterns are in vogue because of their mesmerizing patterns on the edges of the mirrors. Often made with metal designs, such kinds of mirrors are substantial and long-lasting. These decorative mirrors for living room are suitable for larger walls generally in the living room and dining area because these areas usually feature larger walls than the rest of the house. Check out our latest pattern of the mirror which will look fabulous in your home.  

Oval Mirrors 

When in doubt about what to choose from the collection of mirrors home décor India available, oval mirrors can be the safest choice. This kind of decorative wall mirror looks perfect on any kind of wall be it the textured wall or the one with bold colours. There are many available options among oval mirrors. The classic mirrors with the vintage look and those with work on the edges are very popular. Either of these is suitable for your abode since they catch the eye of the visitor at the first sight. The oval mirror depicted below from our collection will solve all your mirror choosing problems and will leave you confident about your choice. 

Antique Mirrors 

The timeless beauty never goes off the trend, neither do antique decorative wall mirror. They are made in several designs with various techniques such as aluminum casting on the edges that not only make them sturdy but also add the style statement to your homes. They are an amalgamation of art, technique, and elegance that gives a complete transformation of your house to the luxurious one. Since these are antique in design, so they look best when placed in the drawing-room or the living room. When you buy mirrors online, check our mirrors that are available in a variety of patterns such as rectangular shapes, odd-shaped, oval-shaped, etc. The brass-finished antique mirror from our home décor India collection is the best to reflect your enduring personality.

 Wired Mesh Mirrors

These mirrors adorn a mesh of metal wires on their edges to give a natural tint to the classic feature of mirrors. They are a beautiful combination of beauty and elegance. It features modern patterns that are best suited for the bedrooms and living rooms since they heighten the natural colours and lighting of any space. The wired mesh comes in numerous designs such as abstract motifs, asymmetric patterns, and floral designs. The metal used in making them is corrosion free and the mirror is usually distortion-free which makes them everlastingly beautiful. The one article presented below is the top choice when you decide to buy mirrors online

Mirrors with golden lining

Gold is priceless and the mirrors with work in gold on their edges make your house look opulent and grand. This exquisite decorative mirror for living room glams up your abode with the golden beauty of its work and the unique design. These look best when placed in the drawing-room because it is a place that captures our personality. It shines brightly to radiate positivity and enlightens the celebratory spirit in your house. The golden polish is durable since a lot of technique goes into making these mirrors. One such decorative mirror for living room with golden work in our collection is the mirror of dreams and demands your attention especially when you are looking for home décor India. These were our best picks of decorative wall mirrors that can help you buy the best mirrors online hassle-free. Now you can easily buy mirrors online and choose that perfect ornamental mirror for a living room when you are just a click away from our latest collection. All our wall mirrors are made with premium quality products and unparalleled designs that will definitely make you appreciate your own choice. These mirrors outshine other home décor items because they are easy to maintain, are multifaceted, and freshen up your house to give it a new look. Which decorative mirror for living room do you plan to buy for your home?

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