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Does Content Marketing work for AEC Firms?

by Steven Brown
Content Marketing

Being you are an Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) company attracting and keeping new clients is crucial to its success by Content Marketing. How can you achieve this? By understanding that virtually every successful marketing strategy incorporates content marketing. However, does content marketing work for AEC companies? Your business is technically-oriented and more specific. Do the same principles of Content Marketing apply? The answer is yes. Do Buying Instagram followers Works? The Simple reply is also Yes!

 Content marketing does not only help AEC companies however, having a well-thought-out content plan can prove extremely efficient. This blog will assist you in understanding the reason content marketing is beneficial for AEC companies. We’ll also provide suggestions on how you can help your business grow by strategically utilizing the power of content marketing to improve your AEC business.

What makes content marketing an impact

At present, you may be relying on word-of-mouth or an inventory of completed projects to find new customers for your Company. This is a great starting point. The next step is to utilize content marketing to get more customers. A website that isn’t designed to engage the reader will not generate many leads. The more a potential customer will learn about your expertise as well as your expertise and the completed build by looking at your website’s content the more likely to take on new clients and even projects. Are you ready to begin reaping the benefits of the power of content marketing now? Check out this article to learn 4 ways to utilize content marketing in AEC companies:

1. Provide quality content

There are various ways to include content on your website. Create blogs and testimonials, FAQ pages, FAQ pages news sections, news articles videos and case studies of clients as well as white paper. Maintain a constant presence on your site by regularly releasing new content and engaging with your readers. (Curious about what types of content you can provide? Read The Essential Checklist for AEC Marketing.) However, quality will always be more crucial than volume. It is important for your content to help potential customers answer any questions they may be asking, as well as inform the current and potential clients.

Let them know the common mistakes in construction and how to avoid these. Write a blog about how the relationship between architect and client works during the designing phase. Content must demonstrate your in-depth understanding and knowledge of the aspects that are part of your AEC industry. Being perceived as an authority may make a difference in favor when someone decides to choose one AEC firm. Do not be afraid to show your knowledge.

2. Let your topic shine.

You’ve got some great projects to your name as well as access to highly skilled expert experts in the field (SMEs). Your photos of completed designs will certainly impress viewers and help them get a feel of your style. However, you can go further by using the SMEs in your business to provide thought-leadership and clear advice on your blog readers. In the end you’re SMEs are aware of the technical aspects as well as the nuances in your field the most.

Provide readers with an insight into how your team and SMEs function. Create a blog on the design process of your architect. Create a white paper detailing how your engineer was able to overcome the challenges. The relationships that you have with your trusted contractors through a guest blog article. What is what makes your business exceptional unique, special, or distinctive, share by creating engaging and intelligent content.

3. Be aware this: Content is form of competition

The content you provide is more but it’s not just about publishing a blog post on your site and hoping that it will get some traction. Search engine optimization is the king, and you’ll need to position your content higher on Google over your competition. Keywords that focus on your business and competitors could give you a huge edge ahead. It’s worth looking at what your competition is doing. What are the keywords they are employing, and how do they rank?

Also, take an examination of the AEC industry in general. What keywords do you see frequently? Look up those keywords, and apply them in your blogs or post content. The work behind the scenes is crucial to the success of a content marketing strategy and SEO (SEO) can be a risky game that you cannot afford to lose. AEC companies that invest in the development of content strategies and SEO are the ones that achieve success. Potential clients won’t be able to book the project in the event that they are unable to locate you. How they find your website is all due on having an effective plan for content in place. Want to know more?

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4. Utilize Local SEO strategies and optimize your site to establish your business

It’s all good advice, but you’re thinking. However, my business has a hyper-local focus. So, first and foremost, make sure that your business is well-positioned on Google. Nearly 46 % of Google search results have “local intent” (Search Engine Roundtable). If someone searches for AEC companies in your region. You want to be the first result. Google’s Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) tool allows you to register your business on Google to be displayed in search results.

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