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Easy Ways to Keep Your House Burglar-Free

by Steven Brown

Are you wondering about how to keep your house safe from burglars? Here are the top four ways to keep intruders off your property:

Keep One Light On

Do you know what thieves are afraid of the most? If you haven’t guessed it yet, then you should know that thieves hate to be seen, which is why most burglaries occur when no one is at home. However, before you start canceling your vacation plans, you should know this very simple yet useful tip to keep intruders off your property.

All you need to do is keep one light bulb on at night, to create the illusion that the house is inhibited. If you are worried about the utility bills, you might consider installing smart bulbs that you can operate through your smartphone.

Just make sure that you set a timer and turn on a visible light from a distance – giving the illusion that you are at home.

Keep a Dog

Yes, you read this right. With a dog by your side, you won’t only have a best friend for life, but the friend will also make potential burglars run for their life – if they dare to enter your territory. That said, you might want to make sure to install a fence around your house and lawn first, so your pet doesn’t attack any by-passers.

By installing a fence around your house, you can also ensure that no other dogs enter your property and try befriending your dog – or worse – fight with it. Believe it or not, your dog will bring you so much more happiness in life apart from keeping you and your house safe from potential burglars.

Consider Tree Removal

Assess the exterior space of your house and see whether a potential burglar can use a tree to enter your house. There have been countless reports where potential burglars used trees in the backyard to enter a house.

You might also consider tree removal when you feel a tree might damage your house. If a tree falls on your house, it can cause serious damage, including a broken window or tiles. In the worst-case scenario, the tree might fall on someone and cause serious injury.

That said, if you have trees on your property, you will want to ensure that the trees are situated away from your windows so that no one can use the branches to reach the open windows and get into your house.

Install Cameras

You need to install security cameras everywhere around the house as a last resort to identify the potential burglars. However, depending on the type of security camera, you might be able to connect to the local police department instantly if the camera detects strangers entering your house.

Also, make sure to install smart security locks at the windows and doors – by doing so, you will instantly know when someone tries to break in as you will receive an alert on your smartphone.

Last but not least, you might want to get in touch with your neighbors and let them know about your schedule so they can inform you or the police if they detect something suspicious.

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