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Edit MP3 tags easily and quickly

by Steven Brown

How to Edit MP3 Tags with Tidy Song

Most music collections today have moved from CDs in plastic cases to digital music collections on hard drives. There are many places on the Internet where people can buy their digital music from legitimate paid sites like iTunes. aAnd some less convenient corners of the World Wide Web. With the popularity of MP3 players like the ubiquitous iPod. More and more people are storing large collections of digital music downloaded. on these devices alongside their personal computers. Unfortunately, all these downloads from various sources can quickly corrupt a music collection. Resulting in duplicate information, incomplete information, and typos, making it difficult to manage and find the song you’re looking for.

The solution is Tidy Songs. Tidy Songs is a software package

 That can help you edit MP3 tags and master the wild. And unruly collection of digital music you want to edit but don’t have time to watch every single track. Pagalworld automates the process for you by searching your collection. And finding problems with your music files and offering to fix them with a click of the mouse.

Tidy Songs connects to an online database of information about thousands of artists. And bands of all genres. Searching your music collection to find and automatically correct misspelled band or album names. Tidy Songs even searches for the right cover and retrieves missing data such as artist, song titles and release date. All this while you sit back and let the software do the editing of the MP3 tags.

Often times, when browsing a music collection,

 There are duplicate songs occupying valuable storage space on a hard drive or iPod. With tidy Songs, you can search for duplicate songs in your collection. And even sort the duplicates by song length and sound quality. That way, you can be sure to keep the best MP3s and discard the weaker ones. Or, if you prefer, you can keep duplicate songs and have tidy Songs mark them as “duplicates” in your list, making it easy to sort and find the highest quality MP3 for that song in your collection.

So don’t waste hours organizing your digital music collection. And editing MP3 tags. tidy Songs automatically organizes. And updates your music library using its extensive online database to make working with your music collection easy and fun. Saving you time and frustration.

Paid music per download

You pay for the music you want to download. Basically you buy the numbers. You may have the privilege of downloading quality and authorized mp3 music online. It has a great collection of songs from all-time favorites to current hits. The numbers are well sorted so that customers can easily find the numbers they want. It will cost you dearly to download songs from here.

Monthly / annual subscription

Before you can download MP3 music online, you have to pay a subscription fee. You can download unlimited songs until your subscription ends. There is also a huge collection of quality and licensed songs. These sites offer fast downloads, customer support and are well organized. When your subscription expires, you will lose all your downloaded songs. Transferring downloaded songs to other computers, CDs and players is also limited. You only pay to listen to music.

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