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Essential Oils to Reduce Inflammation

by Steven Brown

Inflammation is our body’s response to protect from perceived threats and damage. We occasionally develop skin rashes and inflammation, which causes skin itchiness, discomfort, redness, and dryness. It may be quite taxing to diagnose and treat certain skin conditions. Most people cope with well-known inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, dermatitis, medication rashes, and poison oak and ivy.


These illnesses can sometimes be passed from one relative to another since they run in families. Some can be brought on by specific environmental factors, allergies, and stress. Bacterial or viral illnesses bring on some rashes; if they are severe, the affected person may require medical attention. Despite how unsettling these skin problems might be, they can be managed. In this article, we will discuss which are the best essential oils for inflammation and why you should look for essential oil supplier  in USA for essential oil requirements.

Solutions To Skin Inflammation

People frequently contract skin inflammation due to routine activities, mild diseases, or a combination. Self-medication can be used to treat skin rashes that are not uncomfortable or oozing. As your health improves, a little emollient would be sufficient to reduce the irritation.

On the other hand,

you must see a dermatologist or doctor if there is no improvement after a few days, regardless of whether there is intense itching, oozing, or increasing sickness symptoms. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you might need to apply topical steroids, emollients, or anti-inflammatory lotions to soothe the irritated skin.

Using essential oils can alleviate skin reactions brought on by infections such as dermatitis, eczema, irritation, and cracked or dry skin.

What Essential Oils Are Ideal For Skin Inflammation?

Essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce signs of inflammation. They can be used topically to soothe inflammatory skin disorders and provide several functions that contribute to having healthy skin. The following essential oils are worth looking into:

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme oil is one of the best essential oils to deal with inflammation. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties which works well in reducing COX-2 enzyme in our body. These COX-2 enzymes produce prostaglandins which are responsible for inflammation and pain. By reducing these enzymes, thyme oil helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with it.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil is beneficial to aromatherapy practitioners since it provides reviving and calming effects on the skin. In addition, this oil has various advantages. It is extremely effective in treating various skin diseases since it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Pelargonium graveolens, a plant native to South Africa, is the source of geranium essential oil produced by steam distilling the leaves of this plant.

Lavender Essential oil

One of the most adaptable essential oils, it may be used to treat boils, burns, scars, and physical pains and anxiety. It helps reduce pain and swelling which might occur due to inflammation in the body.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is ideal for treating your skin with antifungal, antibacterial, and immune-boosting oil. It is also a moderate painkiller, which makes it ideal for soothing skin irritation. Additionally, dry skin can be treated with this essential oil to prevent infection and pain.

Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is famous for its cooling and analgesic properties. These peppermint essential oils works wonders for an injury due to overworked muscle. That contains menthol and menthone, which offer anti-inflammatory properties. Which also helps reduce the effects of inflammation.

Our skin can also get inflamed when it comes in contact with harmful toxins. You can experience sore or inflamed or red skin due to this. For skin inflammation, you can also try Marjoram oil, Cashew oil and Helichrysum oil which can help with skin inflammation.


Inflammation is a natural process used by our body to battle infections and allow it to heal from any injury. Essential oils can help ease the painful side effects which accompany inflammation. They provide relief from the pain and help in the healing process as well. Your skin can benefit immensely from essential oils. However, because of their large concentrations, it is advised to dilute them before use. Concerning these gifts from nature, the adage “less is more” seems appropriate.

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