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Examining travel guides – Backpacking Centurion 

by Steven Brown

A review of the book Backpacking Centurion by Jonny Blair, a seasoned traveler who, as the series’ title suggests. Has seen well over 100 countries: A Northern Irishman’s Journey Through 100 Countries!

Johnny Blair

Jonny Blair, a native of Northern Ireland. Has chronicled his travels and provides a fascinating look into every nation he has visited on his website DontStopLiving.net. Additionally, he has written several books detailing the fascinating trips he has taken thus far in his life.

Backpacking Centurion

Backpacking Centurion: A Northern Irishman’s Journey Through 100 Countries: Volume 1 – Don’t Look Back In Bangor.The first volume in the three-part book series, is available on Amazon.

Anyone who enjoys travel, Northern Ireland, or even football . Will enjoy this well-written book’s humor, smart language, and real ideas and feelings. The book has passages that will make readers laugh out loud because to Jonny’s open recounting of his experiences throughout the world.


“Every day should be different. Life is an adventure. I live a lifestyle of travel and want to encourage you to do it too! Which, you can, easily! Hopefully my stories and tips on this website can inspire you to get out there and see the world too.

 After my first ever trip abroad on my own back in 1991, I developed a keen passion in exploring the world. Which eventually led to this website being started back in 2007 and becoming a professional travel blogger by 2012.


The website you are now reading is now my business, this has been my platform for arranging all my tours, my transport and my accommodation. As I wandered aimlessly yet purposefully around the world. Intentionally oxymoronic in the wake of nasty liars and GuruGods intent on making me depressed.”

Through his novels, Jonny invites you to partake in his incredible adventures of the world. Including his encounters with many cultures and ways of life as well as the highs and lows of travel.

Travel Tips

“My hope is to provide important travel tips, essential advice, endless stories and light hearted humour based on my experiences on this sphere we find ourselves on. You will get you a first hand account, an honest guide to travelling the world, backpacking through endless towns, cities, villages and mud huts. I will show the highs and lows of long term travel and will also be writing about death, suicide and war. To ensure this story stays true to my heart and can be read by others.”


If you want to be motivated to explore the world or even if you just want to escape for a little time when you’re at home. We suggest reading the Backpacking Centurion books. Jonny has experienced it everything, from living in a tent in Tasmania to feeding hyenas in Ethiopia!

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