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Explore the Extensive Range of Wall Paintings Online in India

by Steven Brown
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All walls deserve a painting. So without much ado let’s explore the extensive range of wall paintings for each room, office, and hotel as well. Before you set out to buy paintings online let’s know our rooms and the paintings they demand. 

Paintings for Each Wall

Before we start there are a lot of things that we need to consider like the space. The color palette?? Theme? etc. so let’s discuss them one by one room by room.

Living Room

When it is in the living room that you meet your friends and loved ones, assemble with the entire family, and spend the holidays, choosing a painting for the living room wall should be addressed with caution. Since the living room is the largest in our home, a gallery wall or a large artwork could be considered. A collection of family photographs is also a viable alternative. Because the living room is the location in our house where most of our interactions take place and where our guests are most exposed, choosing art that will spark a conversation is a good idea.

In light of all of these requirements, I recommend you buy paintings with modern abstract art as the finest option. Because it has the ability to elicit inquiries and initiate dialogue. At the same time, the brilliant colors attract the viewer’s attention. The greatest choice would be to place some small showpieces or lights around abstract art.


The bedroom is usually the most private area in the house, and it’s here that you and your partner may choose wall decor that’s meaningful to you. You can always opt for personalized artwork. the bedroom is that part of the home where you return to relax after a tiring day. Consider artwork with tranquil nature images or whimsical brushstrokes for the bedroom, which is meant to be a sanctuary of comfort and peace. When it comes to bedroom wall decor, you shouldn’t be swayed by what others think because they aren’t likely to be in the room to view it!

A tranquil nature picture or a personalized painting, in my opinion, is the ideal alternative for your bedroom. Buy paintings of nature as they have the ability to calm you down. Customized artworks, on the other hand, bring you closer to your loved ones. Nothing beats a custom-made family portrait full of laughter put just above your headboard’s walls. Explore and buy paintings with nature themes with Dirums.com.


Since you will be preparing meals in the kitchen, avoid displaying any greasy glass-framed art there. Paintings on canvas with fruit or landscapes look great in kitchens. framed painting dangling next to the stove hood. The correct amount of visual tension is produced by placing framed oil or watercolor paintings next to hard surfaces like tile and stainless steel appliances. Considering the space in the kitchen one should go for mini frames on shelves or cabinets.

Small still-life paintings or paintings of food or flowers are a good option for the kitchen. You can also buy paintings with minimal landscape art as they will adorn your cabinet. 

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Dining Area

A dining area is that part of the house where we can rekindle our memories with our loved ones over some delicious food. You can experiment with large-scale artwork, vibrant colors, strong graphics, and a variety of artistic techniques in the dining area. Items should be intriguing enough to generate a conversation, you can buy paintings like 3-dimensional art or something intricate, unique, and amazing! The art piece’s frame is also very significant and shouldn’t be plain.

Every room has got its own story to tell so before you buy paintings online be sure of going through these tips above. Consider the space and theme of any particular room. Of course, you can always experiment as home decor is all about trial and error.

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