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Facebook Video Postings

by Steven Brown

You might have seen a message on your Facebook page inviting you to use the new business suite to manage your Instagram and courier.

You can still use the publishing tools feature to add posts. However, this is an optional feature.

Host FB Lives

Facebook Live Videos is one step above uploading prerecorded videos.

These videos are exactly what the title says. These live-streamed videos show you and your team engaging with potential customers and fans.

This is the closest you can get to old Tupperware parties or even facebook likes uk. It allows you to connect with customers and showcase your products.

You can host a “watch party” after recording so that everyone can watch the live stream and still converse with each other.

You could live many different lives.

Are you unsure what type of life you could lead?

These are just a few ideas.

  • Demonstrations of Product
  • Q&A with customers
  • Launch of Product
  • Sale/Promo
  • New Features
  • Neue Line
  • Educational or Informative
  • Customer Testimonials

Consistency is the key to increasing Facebook engagement through live video. It’s not worth going live only once, then never again for several months.

It’s not essential to go live every week in today’s fast-moving and distracted world.

If you have good content and viewers get a lot from it, a notification will appear in their newsfeed to let them know you’re going live. They’ll click to join the conversation.

They can watch the replay later if they aren’t on Facebook at the time.

Facebook gives you the ability to engage and reach your fans. You decide how to use them.

Software that saves lives

While you can record directly to FB, they have the full capability, and you may want to add some more features, such as inviting viewers to join, sharing your screen with others, and interviewing them.

Invite guests, share your screen and add logos, banners, ticker bars, and buttons to any user comment you click on during your life. You can download the recording of your Facebook Live for up to 15 days and share it across the internet for greater exposure.

Sign Up For Brands Collabs Manager

Facebook introduced Brands Collabs Manager in 2018 to allow brands to connect with influencers (also known as “creators”) directly.

Influencers can discuss and post about their favorite brands, including a product tag. This allows the visitor to click on the post and go directly to that product.

You’ve heard of the ‘Oprah Effect’ or the ‘Meghan Effect.

This is precisely what it is. Brands can work with creators to showcase their brand directly before the creator’s audience.

This is influencer marketing at its best!

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for facebook followers uk agencies to connect you with the correct account. You can now do it yourself! Sign up for Brands Collabs Manager to find the perfect creators.

Activate FB Messenger

Are you using FB messenger? If not, you should.

A direct message is a great way to connect with customers. https://businesspara.com/

Over 70% of Facebook users expect to be able to message businesses for customer service or to make a purchase. It should be a top priority for any ecommerce store to have FB Messenger.

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