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Fashion And Health Is An Overlapping Part Of Our Life

by Steven Brown
Fashion And Health

The relationship between fashion and health is very ancient. In primitive times, people believe that fashion is very important to one’s health. Moreover, they believed some serious diseases are because by fashion.

Early Beliefs-

Since science advanced and medical science was founded, the ancient gave a theory of illness. They believed, that a vapor coming out from inside of our body released from our skin to the outer world. The old Greeks thought the heavy damp cold environment blocks this vapor. They believed that of this heavy coldness, the vapor that comes out from the inside body can not be released outside. It goes back inside and splits into every organ. And it is believed that this coldness is solely responsible for every disease.


For this mentioned belief, the ancients tried to create multiple theories on the health benefits of dressing. And for this reason, dress became popular and its various types of uses started. However, they are also concerned that, this clothing worn might block the passage and resist the vapor coming outside. Various experts give different opinions on it. Most of the arguments came in favor of natural fibers. It arises as most healthy to wear. Woolen dresses are best because of their great water-absorbing quality.

Fashion That Causes Several Health Causes-

Since the various types of fashion dresses launched, their misuses also started. Some famous health coaches like ines de ramon and others are concerned about the misuse of fashion on our health.

Killer High Heels Shoes-

High heels shoe gives an amazing look and many times it is a key factor for our outlooks. But do you know what can happen with you for continuing high heels shoe?

The doctor suggests a high heel shoe can be worn a maximum of three times a week. More than that can be very dangerous. It can cause muscle shortness in the calves and back. Moreover, it gives you chronic pain and muscle spasms. In addition, if you regularly put your feet in narrow shoes, it will cause nerve damage and bunions. Also, the heel tilts you forward, which can cause pressure on the spine and increase the risk of sciatica.

Tight – fit Jeans

Shapewear or spanks like other underwear gives us a better shape of our body for skinny jeans. But our body also has its own shape. For such a fashion, if you want to squeeze it, the result can be nerve pain and tingling.

Belts and waistbands are for low-key uses. If that is uncomfortable but you are wearing it because of fashion, that can be causes reflux around the tummy area. Moreover, if women hold for too long due to tight shapewear off caused infection.

Tattoo And Unhygenic Arts-

Over 30% of people have tattoos under 40 years of age. But do you know an interesting fact? Almost 25% of that people regret the tattoo.

First, know how tattoo works. The tattoo artist pushes ink on our dermis and made great art as we want. However, any procedure that may break the safety measurement causes an entry gate for bacteria. Moreover, small infections around the tattoo area may cause destructive skin problems. Moreover, it will spread to the bloodstream and cause sepsis.

So, it’s better to do with a hygienic and well-known artist.

Fragrance And Effects-

Dress is not only part of fashion. Some other things also included it like fragrance. We spray it directly on our skin. Moreover, these days many fragrances come on the market which causes skin rashes. So you have to use some quality fragrance that has no side effects like coco chanel perfume.

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