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Francisco Pinto is captivating the World with his Unique Hair Styles

by Steven Brown

The public’s perception of a celebrity is frequently influenced by how that person presents themselves. Most celebrities have their hair and makeup done by a personal hairstylist before meeting with the public or the press in order to make the best impression possible. In order to maintain or enhance their public profiles in light of the growing importance of social media, celebrities frequently seek advice from people they know they can trust and who share their enthusiasm for maintaining their appearance. Francisco Pinto, a talented and hard-working hairstylist, is one of the people who is changing the industry as we know it.

An Artistic Hairdresser

If a person requires volume in their hair, Francisco is the man for the job. When the famous hairstylist first came to the United States as a child, he didn’t know much about the beauty industry. Francisco Pinto, then 19 years old, was hailed as a prodigy in the world of hairstyling while still a student at Paul Mitchell’s school of cosmetology. While attending college, he worked as a teacher at a reputable makeup academy, where he ultimately ended up teaching four different classes to help cover the costs of his education. Francisco is widely regarded as the industry’s “King of Big Hair.” Due to his distinctive, eye-catching hairstyles, he has received widespread media attention (944 and Flaunt Magazine have both featured him).

Authentic Tale of Fearlessness

No one does better than Francisco when it comes to overcoming hardship and achieving success. To make ends meet after suffering sexual abuse and bullying as a child, he now has to juggle work and his interests. Francisco, on the other hand, was not deterred by his situation and continued on his journey.

Francisco is still striving for success and collaborating with notable figures in the entertainment industry. His mission was to make his clients’ hair extensions look completely natural, and he wanted to master the technique. Five years of introspection led Francisco to the insights he needed to create two hair pieces that blend in better with natural hair than clip-in hair extensions sold by other companies. He struggled to sell these items at first, but in 2016, he uploaded a video of himself using his new product, “Fifi,” to create his signature curl pattern on a customer and sold it.

Francisco’s Fifi invention received widespread acclaim. After he uploaded the video, he received over 200 emails and 100 direct messages. According to the USPTO, his invention is “the only hair extensions on the market to give women the most natural full look in one single application,” and its popularity has allowed him to sell his hair pieces as far away as India, Germany, Dubai, and Canada. In addition to his career as a hairstylist, Francisco Pinto is a certified U.S. inventor.

He has set an example for us all by working hard and dedicating himself to his goals.

For up-to-the-minute information on current events, peruse Francisco Pinto’s Instagram feed.


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