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by Steven Brown

Gangnam Leggings Room System

In the existing 강남 셔츠룸, public and karaoke, the default time is 60 minutes. It has a system that extends to 60 minutes even when extended. In the case of Gangnam Leggings Room, the default time is 90 minutes, and it is extended by 90 minutes when extended.

Gangnam Leggings Room is a 10-story high-rise building, and all 10 floors are operated as leggings rooms. As the number of female managers is large, the choice is very wide, so it is possible to choose a choice that can satisfy your taste.

Leggings room personnel system

The leggings room greeting system is a way for partners in leggings to change into see-through tops and start drinking after their choice. It is operated with a system similar to the existing shirt room and public, but the touch and water level are slightly higher, and the second round is not carried out. This is because it is not operating illegally as a legally registered leggings room business. For this reason, it has been the unrivaled number one in Gangnam for many years.

Shirt room location and waiting information

How not to get hurt in Gangnam

There are still bad salespeople who move to inflict internal injuries and stupid customers who get internal injuries. After reading this article, I hope that there will be no more internally injured customers.

1. Avoid solicitation!

When you go to Gangnam Street, everyone who comes with a leaflet is soliciting and telling customers to enter. Usually, the stores that correspond to this are small-scale stores and are karaoke-level stores. A woman in her 40s comes with a higher price of alcohol than a large establishment at a karaoke-level shop. You must absolutely avoid entering the store due to solicitation.

2. Avoid places without price tags!

Recently, all normal entertainment establishments such as Gangnam Leggings Room, Shirt Room, Karaoke, and Public have a fixed price as they are operated under a reconnaissance system. We do not receive more or less, and we operate at a fixed price. However, if there is no price tag or a store that does not provide accurate price information, you will receive 100% internal damage, so it is a store to avoid.

Even if you avoid the above two, there is almost no internal injury. However, if there are customers who are uneasy, please contact our Gangnam Leggings Room Helpline. With friendly guidance and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we will always provide you with uninterrupted service.

We will inform you about the location and waiting status of Gangnam Room Karaoke 24 hours a day. For information on the Seolleung Room, such as Running Rabbit, High Kick, You & Me, Sara, etc., please contact the best manager in Gangnam, Yoon Ji.

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