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Gangnam style parenting changed

by Steven Brown

Who would have thought that the disgusting song to which millions of people danced so foolishly had a deep and logical meaning fit for parents? No, it’s not One Direction that makes you beautiful. I’m talking about Gangnam Style! The second most famous Korean contribution to the world, after Kimchi (who has nothing to do with Kim Jong-Il or Kim Jong-Un), is said to be about Spy’s aversion to the rich lifestyle of the people of 셔츠룸 (a neighborhood in Seoul). , South Korea). † South).

Is it wrong to want material things? Will a rich lifestyle guarantee you a place in hell?

Years ago I would have answered yes to the above questions, mostly as a mockery. I grew up believing that it was sin and wrong to want too many material things. It was pierced deep in my heart. I hated, despised, spat on materialism, even though I was deeply into it. I’ve fallen into the trap of spending money sinfully fulfilling my earthly desires… always, always.

It took me over fifteen years to realize that it’s actually a good thing to want more of everything the universe has to offer me, both real and imaginary! The desire to have more is not bad; action to get them. Now it has become my logic and philosophy what I teach my children – measured materialism.

I teach them first to be grateful for what they have and want to be, but also to never settle down and get good things the right way. I don’t downplay the feelings of more, better things, bigger things, flashy things, everything.


Motivation is an important tool in our lives, regardless of our age. It is also very subjective and varied. Some are led by a solitary life somewhere in the middle of a forest, while others are led by a Richard Mille Tourbillon in Rose Gold. Most importantly, motivation backfires. It allows us to get things done.

Propeller for endurance

The surprising effect of motivation is perseverance. Asking for something special of a material nature is the best support for perseverance and hard work.

Habits change

And while our children will move heaven and earth to get what they want, their habits will change to get what they want. It’s the same principle as bribing your kids to get good grades or clean up their room. They will do all this and create a good habit in the process of getting them.

A direction

If you encourage your kids to dream more and eventually achieve them, they will likely be steered in the right direction and kept there.

I encourage them by teaching them the difference between buying things to feel superior to others (for example, posting them on Facebook with the headline “I’m the king of the world!”) and buying for personal pleasure.

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