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Growing Medical Marijuanas in Texas

by Steven Brown
Medical Marijuana

The Compassionate Use Act of Texas, which enables the growing of medical marijuana, was approved by the state legislature in 2015. The governor signed it into law in November, and the first licenses were issued at the end of 2017. Since then, the qualifying conditions have expanded, increasing from intractable epilepsy to terminal cancer. New qualifying conditions for marijuana have also been added, including autism and seizure disorders. Currently, the state limits THC levels in marijuana products to 0.5%, although this will rise to 5% by December 2021. Additionally, medical marijuana research is allowed and licensed by social workers.

The House has been more welcoming of the new law, while the Senate has been less enthusiastic. A bill aimed at reducing penalties for marijuana use in Texas was passed by the House last year, but Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has blocked the Senate from passing it. Despite the lingering concerns about marijuana in Texas, the public’s desire for legalization has increased, with over 60% of Texans indicating their support for legalizing small amounts of marijuana.

While a license may mean quick profits, the truth is that success is highly unlikely for Texas entrepreneurs. Despite the state’s legal framework, there are several marijuana companies in the state attempting to create a lucrative enterprise. The Texas Compassionate Use Act is a key piece of legislation regulating the medical marijuana industry. Patients can purchase cannabis from any dispensary chain, but some choose to grow their own, and many have even started their own cannabis farms.

While growing marijuana for personal use is legal in Texas, it’s still illegal to grow 2,000 pounds or more for your own use. The state’s drug laws can punish you with up to 99 years in prison and a $50,000 fine if convicted. This is why it is recommended to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary in Texas. This way, you’ll avoid all the legal risks that come with growing cannabis.

A qualifying patient must meet certain criteria before receiving a medical cannabis Texas card. You must be a permanent resident of Texas and be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition. You also need two physician’s prescriptions to obtain your card. It’s easy to obtain a Texas medical marijuana card, and there are several dispensaries already in operation. In addition to these, many patients have already received cannabis oil from a licensed dispensary.

In 2019, Texas will open the application process for growing medical marijuana. As of now, there are three licenses available for the cultivation of medical marijuana. The application process for this license is free, so don’t delay your application. Just remember that the state’s approval process takes time, so it’s important to start your research early and find out what the rules are for the state’s medical marijuana industry. The state’s laws will change over time, but the benefits of growing medical cannabis in Texas are substantial. If you’re wondering about how to get a medical cannabis card in Texas, then get in touch with THCMDTELEMED now.

Although Texas doesn’t have specific laws that prohibit cannabis cultivation, you could still face serious consequences for it. A Texas conviction for cultivating marijuana can result in a prison sentence ranging from 180 days to 99 years. The severity of the charges will depend on the amount and type of marijuana you grow. Keep in mind that even small amounts can be life-altering. If you are caught cultivating marijuana in Texas, your charges will depend on the amount of cannabis you grow and where it is located.

Unlike in many other states, growing medical marijuanas in Texas is still illegal. Growing and selling marijuana in larger amounts is a state felony, and it carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 dollars. In addition to this, you will also face penalties for manufacturing products from marijuana, which are illegal in Texas. While these crimes are still illegal, some cities have changed the penalties for marijuana possession and sales. These penalties are still quite steep and it is vital to follow the law in Texas if you plan to grow your own marijuana.

In addition to securing your legal rights, you must protect your personal and financial interests. Remember, it is important to have a good legal defense before expanding the law. Moreover, the District Attorney’s Office is under heavy pressure to prosecute marijuana distributors and dealers. They will not hesitate to file a marijuana case against you if they believe you were cultivating marijuana without permission. That’s why you should retain the services of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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