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How a commercial truck loan calculator helps in construction equipment financing

by Steven Brown
How a commercial truck loan calculator helps in construction equipment financing

The most important piece of equipment for a construction business is a cement mixer truck at their disposal. But, getting the right financing option for the cement mixer truck is expensive. Luckily you can apply for commercial truck financing to get your business moving.

You need to review your equipment financing plan that we hope you get before you sign into anything with any lease or loan option. It is where the commercial truck loan calculator becomes beneficial. The calculator can easily help you in your computation for future payments for equipment financing to get the cement truck mixes. It informs you regarding the commercial truck financing rates of interest.

Luckily, several equipment financing companies have this type of loan calculator, and it would make it easier for you to get a sense of your financial future with the trucking loan. Today, we will explain why and how you should get a cement mixer truck for the construction business and expand it. We will show you how to use this calculator to find better deals for financing this acquisition.

 Boost your construction business with a cement mixer truck

If you are an owner of a construction business, then it is always a good idea to invest in important commercial vehicles like the cement mixer truck. Your business might fall apart figuratively and literally without one. A few of the construction business owners are more on the trucks, like the lifts. They are mainly using a commercial truck loan calculator to find out how they can get the financing done for the trucks.

But you can even use a commercial truck loan calculator to aid in financing a cement truck, as it is a worthwhile investment for several businesses across your industry. You should ensure that the investment you make is a smart move.

Why Should You Get a Cement Mixer Truck?

Construction business owners might often prefer to stick with the stationary cement mixer for a couple of construction business owners. These stationary cement mixers are highly preferred since they are larger than any cement mixer trucks while holding higher volumes of cement.

It is known that most construction projects need massive amounts of cement. With all being said, not every project uses sufficient cement required for a stationary mixer. If you do not require large amounts of concrete for each work site, you should consider getting a cement mixer truck as they are smaller to help you avoid wasting resources.

It also helps you to avoid having too many mixed products for even a smaller task. There are materials for concrete that get stored separately, allowing you to create a fresher mix for each task. Yet another real reason for selecting the concrete mixer truck is their mobility. It is because you can easily bring one to remote locations which do not have a stationary mixer installed on their site. Using the cement mixer truck, you can even move from one site to another.

Therefore, whenever your business visits several work sites, you might even get the commercial truck loan calculator to start planning a cement mixer financing.

  • Choosing the Right Concrete Mixer Truck

Being a business owner, you might often consider whom you should buy from. Buying a concrete mixer truck for your business is well-sorted out with some specific variables, such as work site and specifications, that need to be considered.

It means that you should get your checklist created of what you wish to look for before picking a truck for the computation of your trucking loan. You can seriously hinder your efficiency when you pick the wrong concrete mixer, and it, in turn, can negatively start affecting earnings. If you are not sure what you should consider while picking the concrete truck, you should never worry, as we have listed a couple of factors worth noting.

  • Consider the Size of Your Concrete Mixer Truck

Here, in this case, size matters the most, and surely here, we are speaking about the cement mixer truck of the future.

Consider your tasks carefully, as you should complete them using your concrete mixer truck. Getting it done will help you understand the size of your truck and the size of the drum. You can pick between the industrial-sized mixers and the mini mixers. Both are used in any situation; however, the construction task will determine efficiency.

The commercial truck loan calculator shows you the real differences in your expenses if you pick the right truck size to get your work done.

  • Pick the right Power Supply.

You should consider the kind of power supply your cement mixer should have, as you can choose between electric and gas mixer trucks.

You can consider where you would use the concrete mixer normally if you need help while deciding. Keep in mind that each work site is different, and in a couple of cases, it might be highly efficient if you have an electric cement concrete mixer. This way, you will not have to think constantly about how you should get it filled with gas.

But, you have to ensure that you get an adequate electric power supply nearby. If no electricity is available, your concrete mixer truck will be useless. Alternatively, the gas concrete mixer truck is highly mobile irrespective of the availability of the electrical outlet. It is since it will not have to get plugged into anything. The gas concrete mixers often produce gas fumes, and you need to keep this consideration in mind as you make the right computations with the help of a calculator.

  • Pick between Brand New or Used

Thirdly, you can easily pick to start financing a brand-new or a used concrete mixer truck since it will mainly get dictated by your budget. Several equipment finance companies will want their truck to be no more than 15 years old, with a couple of equipment leasing companies informing you that the trucks are not more than 10 years old, and a few firms have no age restrictions.

If you have budget stringency, you can consider locating a second-hand concrete mixer truck as it allows you to avail of the concrete mixer truck, despite having little work capital. Alternatively, buying a brand-new truck offers greater assurance as it is still in its optimum condition. Brand-new vehicles can even bring several other benefits, including warranties. But you should always search for reliable sellers for both options. If you are purchasing a used cement mixer truck, ensure to have a mechanic check over it before you purchase from a private party.

  • Consider whether it is worth the money you are investing 

Finally, you will have to take the work value of the truck into your account, as it is your goal to ensure that your investment will pay off eventually.

Each business owner should aim to have a good cement mixer that eventually pays off while contributing to the entire earnings. These trucks are heavy-duty ones, and consequently, a model withstanding heavier tasks will offer you greater returns for the money you invest.

You should even consider how often you will use the cement mixer truck; for instance, a lighter truck might be optimal if you change locations often.

Using a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator

A couple of business owners might not have used the commercial truck loan calculator before. We have encountered several who have no idea where to locate the right calculator.

Fortunately, equipment finance companies such as Trust Capital mainly have a commercial truck loan calculator you can use. Additionally, several applications are free to use online. Suppose you have no idea of using an online calculator for computing your loan. In that case, you just have to input specific numerical data related to the equipment you wish to get financed.

For instance, you should indicate the amount of equipment you wish to get financed. The next step is to enter your credit application score in the calculator. You should include your real credit score irrespective of the requirements of the equipment finance company. Enter the desired term and amount, and you will get the results.

You should never worry if it indicates that your credit score is low since a couple of equipment financing companies never consider this a deal-breaker. For example, Trust Capital offers options, even to those with poor credit scores. Finally, you should indicate the number of years you are in this business, as several equipment finance companies also consider this while assessing your business.

Whenever you have all the information, the calculator shows you the financing setups that you get qualified for. The calculator should also offer you better payment estimates.

Why is financial help required?

With this information, you might even wonder why you should get the financing options help. It might be that you are even wondering why you should know about the way to use a commercial truck loan calculator in the initial place. Knowingly, some business owners wish to straight the purchases as a better option than loans or a cash flow. But, when doing straight-up purchases, your working budget is cut short and your capital suffers a stroke.

You can start saving and budgeting your money in a better way. A calculator for the commercial truck loan is the best assistance, and it would help you check how your payment is created to stay prepared. You need not play a guessing game here with your financial setups.

Other than this, the loan would ensure that you are getting your equipment rapidly, allowing you to start earning with your equipment instantly till it is paying for itself.

The benefit of a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator

One of the first things you need to do is figure out what your monthly payments would be if you consider financing a commercial truck. It is where this calculator comes in help.

It is generally a tool allowing you to input parameters like the down payment, truck cost, interest rates, and loan rate. Then it offers you an estimated monthly payment amount. It greatly assists in budgeting for your new truck purchase and ensuring that it fits your financial modes.

Not every loan calculator is created in the same way. Therefore, it is important to find the one using the most accurate calculations and assumptions, as you can typically find a high-quality calculator on the website of an online lender. We suggest you pick Trust Capital which will come to you as your financial aid. You need a company offering competitive rates, fast approval processes, and better terms. You will never break a sweat with Trust Capital as you will get competitive rates on your loans and leases for your business equipment and enjoy quick approval rates.

After using your calculator, you can get an idea of your monthly payments and start shopping for the truck you need for your business. Still, you should remember that the actual amount you need to pay differs slightly from the estimated amount depending on the specific loan terms.

Will the business size impact your calculator?

The size of your business does impact the truck loan calculator. The main reason here is that the business size will give your lender an idea about the revenue you have generated and how likely you will repay the loan. The lender will see that you have a higher chance of repaying the loan which might offer you low-interest rates. Alternatively, if you have a smaller business, the lender might see that you have a greater risk of defaulting on your loan while offering a higher interest rate.

Important Factors in a Commercial Truck Loan Calculator

One of the main things you should consider is financing options if you are in the market for a new commercial truck. The commercial truck loan calculator is useful in this process as it helps you determine the type of loan terms you might qualify for. As there are a few essential factors that are used for calculating the loan terms, it is vital to understand these before starting the application process.

The initial factor that is used in this calculator is your credit score. It is one of the most important factors that lenders consider when determining loan terms. You will most likely qualify for the low-interest rates and better repayment terms. If you have a low credit score, then a few equipment financing companies might not even consider that, and you can still get the financing done.

The other vital factor considered in this calculator is the truck’s value. The value is used in determining the amount of money you borrow against it, while the lenders consider the truck’s mileage and age while determining the value. The new and low-mileage the truck, the more money you borrow against it.

The final factor you should consider in this calculator is that you should consider the number of years you have been in this business. 


There are several benefits of using the commercial truck loan calculator when planning to finance your next truck. You can make the ideal decisions for your business with the knowledge of whatever you wish to know regarding these calculators, as you can start saving money and time on your next purchase.

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