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How Custom Cosmetic Boxes Can Use to Get More Attraction

by Steven Brown
custom cosmetic boxes

Custom cosmetic boxes are useful to pack all kinds of cosmetic products. In the cosmetic industry, packaging matters a lot. It is estimated that almost eighty percent of the customers are attracted because of its packaging.

More attractive packaging means more sales of the product. Because the first impression matters a lot. Most companies provide the option of customized boxes. Customization helps the manufacturer to create the product according to the client’s needs. Custom cosmetic boxes allow the companies to display the theme and the quality of their product in its true potential.

Material of Boxes

The material of the boxes ensures the sturdiness of the product. It allows the fortification of the product from any wear and tears during delivery.

Different types of paper are used to make the packing. Understanding the different paper weights allows us to measure the toughness of the boxes. Heavier paper is considered more strong than thinner paper.

Folding Box Board

A folding box board is a paper that is paper that is made with fresh material. Then several layers of pulp are made to create durable fibers and increase sturdiness. The paper is usually tougher than the other papers. It is then made into boxes according to the client’s wants.

Bleached Board

In this board, the fibers are processed and bleached to give them a spotless appearance. The peroxiding makes the sheet white. It can be colored later or left as it is. Depending upon the necessity of the product. The board is then gathered into boxes.

Moreover, there is ordinary kraft paper which is made out of cast-off material. This makes it a great biodegradable material. It can be used for making custom Cosmetic Packaging as well.

Lamination for Protection

The Lamination of the boxes increases their strength. In the procedure of lamination, the clear plastic sheet is glued to the box for its protection. It helps the boxes from dampness and any scrapes that could decay the box.

Matte Lamination

Lamination of boxes is done in two ways i-e matte and gloss. The lusterless lamination gives and very delicate look. It can be used when no strident colors are used. This lamination gives a very proficient look.  As related to the glossy look it does not reflect much light.

This lamination can be used when the product needs to be handled with much care. It is so because it is much more disposed to scrapes and damage.

Gloss Lamination

While the gloss lamination gives a shinier look. It can be used while using vivacious colors. This gives more guard and strength as compared to matte lamination.

The gloss lamination imitates light and tends to look gleaming. On the gloss surface, the blotches and scars can be smeared out easily. Also, the gloss coating is inexpensive.

Colors Schemes for the Boxes

When it comes to custom cosmetic boxes elusive colors are used very often. The schemes that are chosen are very basic. The black and other themes can be seen on most cosmetic products. The black theme always stands out in the product.

The black color represents stylishness and class. While the white color is the representation of simplicity. The pink and purple amalgamation is also used recurrently. The color pink represents gentleness and womanliness while purple represented individuality, prosperity, and extravagance.

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