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How do I check Southwest flight status

by gaurav gupta
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Will you be flying with Southwest Airlines? Would you want to be notified in real time of the status of your flight? You may follow your flight with Southwest airlines flight status and remain up to date on any delays or modifications. You may prepare appropriately and enjoy a seamless travel experience with this practical alternative.

It’s simple and hassle-free to check the status of your Southwest flight. To receive real-time flight updates, visit Southwest.com or use the Southwest Airlines app. You may check the most recent status of your flight by entering your confirmation number, first and last name, or the cities of departure and arrival.

If my flight is canceled how will I know

You can easily check the status of your flight online if you are flying with Southwest Airlines and are worried. You may get current information on Southwest Airlines’ website using a computer or a mobile device. To find out the status of your flight, follow these steps:

Go to www.southwest.com to access the Southwest Airlines website.
Now find and click on the “Flight Status” link on the home screen.
After that fill in the details of your flight, such as the flight number or date, the cities of departure and arrival. 

Click on the search option which is available on the SW portal on the screen.

You can see the status update of the particular flight entered by you on the screen.

What if your Southwest Flight is Cancelled

The Flight status is subject to change in case if your flight is cancelled, Southwest Airlines will send you an email or text message. You may also see how your flight is doing.

It is crucial to remember that you might need to present proof of your claim if you have to postpone your journey because of an emergency. Documentation such as a death certificate or a doctor’s letter may be necessary.

How Can I Find Out If My Southwest Trip Is Still Scheduled

If you want to be sure your Southwest flight is still scheduled, you may utilize the flight status tool. You may view real-time flight status updates with this tool. By going to the Southwest Airlines website and selecting the “Flight Status” option, you may get this tool.
You will be required to input your flight details, such as your flight number, once you are on the flight status page.


You may use the Southwest website to look for the availability of flights. The availability you saw, however, could not fully reflect the number of seats available on the trip since Southwest Airlines does not release flight loads.

Using the Southwest website, you may look for eight or more seats to get a sense of how packed your trip might be. The flight is probably not complete if there are eight or more seats available. This is not a guarantee, though, as travelers are permitted to modify or cancel their tickets up to ten minutes prior to departure, which can affect the availability of seats. 
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