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How do I pick the right skateboard?

by Steven Brown

Imagine this: your child (or grandkid) appears deep into your eyes, clasps their hands over their heart, and tells you—all they need for his or her birthday may be a skateboard.

Awesome! Exciting times ahead.

Except…you’ve ne’er skateboarded. (Or if you probably did, it’s been a minute.) And you’ve got no plan which type of skateboard to shop for them. however big? What kind? A longboard?

It may be overwhelming—which is why we have a tendency to place this handy guide to require you thru the method of selecting the right skateboard step by step.

Part 1: selecting the proper style of Skateboard

Step 1: realize the proper skateboard size:

The first and most significant question in selecting a skateboard—what can the skateboard be used for? a bit like you wouldn’t obtain a bowed stringed instrument for somebody WHO desires to play music in their little housing (a guitar is perhaps a higher match) or a pack of frozen dinners for a budding cook (maybe splash out on a KitchenAid), you wish to create positive this board fits the perform.

Is the prospective jock simply fascinated by going to college or friends’ homes without having to stash a motorcycle somewhere? Or do they need to be told some sweet tricks?

Skateboards are available in all completely different sizes however there square measure three main categories. So from smallest to largest, there square measure penny boards, skateboards (also known as short boards), and longboards.1

Generally, Penny boards are around twenty – 24″ long. Skateboards are around twenty-eight – 30″ long on the typical. And longboards are, of course, longer. Longboards average anywhere from 32″ to 40″ and are on prime.

Now there are also some classes at intervals these generalizations apart from presently, this broad categorization is ok.

Ask yourself, what do I suppose you’ll be doing on the skateboard?

Just going around the neighborhood? If the board is solely for transportation, they’ll like a longboard or a penny board.

Going to the skatepark? If they need to undertake tricks, you’re viewing a standard skateboard—a shortboard.

Step 2: Select the right board Shape:

You might suppose all boards are flat, but you’ll shortly discover there are many selections to make a decision on. Radial, progressive, w-concave, flat-cave, asymmetric, convex…all of these are helpful for knowledgeable skaters World Health Organization got to perform positive tricks higher, apart from initial boards, they’re not super helpful.

A radial incurvation is what most skateboards will have. throughout this configuration, the sides of the skateboard area unit are slightly over the center.

For your initial skateboard, do not fret regarding the shape! the foremost issue you need to be disturbed regarding is solely making certain it’s cozy to face. Learning to skateboard takes a while and (duh!) you’ll be standing on your skateboard for a while.

Step 3: What size skateboard do I need?

There area unit four main sizes of skateboard decks, all measured by the dimension of the board: small, mini, mid-size, and full size.

Micro boards area unit half dozen.5 – 6.75 inches wide and area unit for teenagers five and underneath.

Mini boards area unit 7” wide and area unit ideal for slightly older children.

Step 4: Select the material:

In the construction of skateboard decks, Canadian Maple is the most typical material. the 2 alternatives’ most well-liked board-making materials area units are Bamboo and Baltic Birch laminate.

Plastic is another variety that’s less expensive and is sometimes found in penny boards. There also are Al and covering material decks that employment during a similar method.

Canadian Maple’s quality comes mostly from the standard of wood and stability it provides.


Yes, you’ll be able to build your own skateboard by buying the deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings individually, so aggregate it on your own.

In the rare case that your prospective jock is aware of precisely what they require (i.e. wheel size/material, custom deck form, etc.), steer off from those murky waters—ESPECIALLY for a primary board.

Instead, opt for a “complete.” which means a pre-assembled skateboard that has all parts.

Once your prospective jock has developed some sports preferences, you’ll be able to continuously upgrade piece-by-piece.

Part 2: shopping for The Board

Step 6: Decide wherever to shop for:

 The safest thanks to creating the simplest selection, particularly if shopping for a board for your kid, is to go to an area search. Yes, you’ll be able to obtain skateboards (and virtually everything else) online, however, it’s tough to urge a condole with a board’s disposition once all you see is a few photos.

If you visit an area skate search, you’re obtaining the good thing about their experience. Plus, some outlets even permit customers to require boards for a brief take-a-look at the ride—and you get to support the native economy!

As an additional bonus, you’ll be able to raise the employee regarding native places to skate, and if you’re defraying quite $50 on a replacement board, you’ll be able to conjointly invite some free extras like skate stickers or skate wax.

Step 6: examine the standard of the board:

On a decent quality board, the wheels can roll a lot of simple, it’ll be easier to show (that’s a decent thing!), and it’ll be a lot of stable than cheaper boards.

Before you pull out your pocketbook, investigate the board’s quality. As a straightforward rule of thumb, you’re checking for the quantity of plastic. a lot of plastic = is unhealthy.

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