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How Do You Make Your Hair Stronger & Healthier? 

by stevenbrown

Have you been experiencing the immense hair fall & weaker hair growth for a long time? If yes, some people might have been using some renowned hair products or others adhering to natural hair care remedies to address the weaker hair problems even though most of us are unaware of the effective medication or remedies. Isn’t it so? 

This write-up highlights the handy tips to make your hair stronger and healthier. Various things affect our hair growth and health, like diet and products. Let’s get started with the points: 

  1. Incorporate Enough Protein: One has to intake a considerable amount of protein into their diet. If you do not adhere to a nutrient-rich diet, your hair follicles will weaken. To rejoice the optimal hair growth, you’ll have to eat a balanced diet with enough protein. The general recommendation for protein intake is 50 grams of protein. You can also buy the Blushlin Glycolic acid + Apple cider vinegar for your hair growth. It removes dead cells and enhances the blood flow in the scalp. 
  2. Massage your Scalp with Essential Oil: Essential oil is the key to promoting healthy hair growth and the best part about this is that it doesn’t give a bad smell. Doesn’t that sound cool? Hence, ensure that you massage your scalp with essential oils every week to nourish healthy and strong hair growth. 
  3. Increase the Nutrient Intake: Various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are considered suitable for an individual’s overall health. These all together play a significant role in the growth of our hair health. The next major question is what type of nutrients should be included in the diet? Isn’t it so? You should start incorporating Biotin, Vitamin C, D, E, Zinc, Iron, Omega 3, or Omega 6. Furthermore, if you consume the omega-3 and omega-6 supplements for a minimum of 6 months, females won’t experience baldness issues. 
  4. Invest in the Right Shampoo: Hair shampoo significantly affects our hair scalp and its growth. That is why you should be very careful while investing in hair care products, as it should be a renowned brand that ensures impeccable quality. You can use the apple cider vinegar hair fall product offered by Blushlin, and there is apple cider vinegar that benefits hair that we can’t even imagine. In simple words, there are many benefits when using Glycolic acid + Apple cider vinegar. 
  5. Use Caffeine-Infused Products: Caffeine is quite helpful in providing a significant boost to hair health. If caffeine is available in the hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, serum or hair masks, etc. The products embodying this ingredient promote hair proliferation. 
  6. Avoid Washing Hair with Hot Water: Our hair scalp should be clean to avoid various hair problems. If you wash your hair under hot water, it may dry out your scalp, which is why we suggest you invest in the shampoo that suits your scalp. On the contrary, washing your hair with cold water will give you lustrous shiny hair.
  7. Regular Trimming: When we leave our hair untrimmed for a prolonged period of time, they often end up split ends. Subsequently, the hair becomes rough, leading to immense hair breakage. Hence you should get your hair trimmed regularly to promote healthy hair growth.
  8. Steer Clear of Stress: As per the research report, if one has high-stress levels in their mind, they may experience immense hair loss. This situation leads hair follicles to get into the resting phase, which further causes the shedding of the hair. Therefore, don’t let yourself indulge in stress and emphasize reducing it by following natural remedies like meditation, writing a journal, incorporating a healthy diet, and doing physical exercise. 

Hair Wash Dos 

  • Rinse your hair meticulously and thoroughly before applying the shampoo. Note down that shampoo always makes good lather on wet hair. When the lather is foamed, you have to massage it gently with that formulated leather. 
  • Always rinse hair with warm or lukewarm water so that all the dirt and oil get removed from the scalp of your hair.
  • Make sure that you always mix the shampoo with the water and then apply it to your wet hair. 

Hair Wash Don’ts

  • Don’t only shampoo your hair but also include the scalp part which is quite oily. Hence, focus on washing the scalp as well as instead putting the entire focus on the hair split ends. 
  • Never apply the conditioner on the scalp as it makes the roots oiler than ever before, forcing you to wash the hair frequently.

The Final Put

The above factors play a significant role in the growth of hair follicles. There is no magical or secret formula assisting the growth of the hair, and one will have to improve all the above factors to rejoice in strong and healthy hair follicles. Alongside this, you can invest in the Glycolic acid + Apple cider vinegar by Blushlin. They have numerous skin and hair care products that promise to enhance the individual’s personality. 

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